Where’s The Fastest Speed Limit In America

If you guessed Texas, you are right! Apparently, the House Voted to agree to satisfy Texan’s need for speed. At this point in time, the new speed limit increases aren’t going to be up here in the DFW area any time soon from what I understand. In fact, I believe the 85mph speed limit will be down in the Austin area. Of course, once adopted, you’ll see the new speed limits pop up all over rural stretches of highways.


So, how does this make YOU feel? Aren’t people already exceeding the speed limit most ot the time anyway? Will an sped limit increase or decrease the number of accidents on the road? Do you already go 85mph on the highways? If you do, would you let your kids?

These are all very serious questions that need to be considered. I know we all want to get where we are going in a hurry, but is a speed limit increase the answer? It could be. Freeman Grapevine is eager to know what your think about increasing the speed limits to keep up with today’s busy drivers.