Do You Really Need THAT In Your Car?

At Freeman Grapevine, we know that owning and caring for a new or used car can be expensive! There is absolutely no doubt about that. In fact, buying a car is the 2nd largest investment you could ever make behind purchasing a home or business, of course. There is no other way around the costs involved in owning a new or used car in Dallas or Fort Worth and taking care of a new or used car can get pricey. So, the question is, “Is there maintenance or gimmick you can probably live without?”

(1) Gas Additives – The manufacturer of your vehicle will specify what kind of fuel your car needs. Whether it be regular unleaded or diesel it more than likely already has the additives that you car needs in it. Also if your new or used car requires regular unleaded and you put premium or mid grade fuel in your car, you’re not getting better gas for your car, you’re just wasting money.

(2) Oil Additives – Once again the manufacturer will specify exactly which type of oil you need in your new or used car. Putting in additives to an oil they specified for you to use could severely damage your new or used car. Don’t add anything unless the oil you put in was not the oil they told you to use and it’s missing something. Do you really know what’s in that bottle your about to pour into your car? It could be harmless but it could seriously damage your engine if it has solvents in it that can dilute the oil and ruin its ability to protect your engine. What if you accidentally not knowingly over fill it?

(3) Those High Speed Tires – In most states the highest legal speed limit is 70 but most of our highways are 60 or sometimes 65. In the US and in Ohio there is definitely nowhere you can cruise at 100 and not get at least a ticket or possibly even jail. A lot of cars come with tires that are made for safe travel at a continuous speed of let’s say 60. Unless you are driving on the Autobahn, or are a NASCAR driver, you’re just wasting money.

(4) Extended Warranties – Just make sure you do some research, add everything up, and weigh your options. Sometimes the cost of the warranty may out weigh the cost of some repairs later on. If it makes you feel more comfortable by having an extended warranty then by all means go for it, they really can come in handy when an unexpected repair is needed. Just make sure you read the warranty very closely and you understand everything.

If you have anything else you think should be added to this list, just drop me a line. Let’s not forget though that you car is a machine that need to be well maintained. The products I listed above are intended to improve the performance of your vehicle, however, in many cases, most drivers just don’t understand what they need and don’t need for their cars. Think you might need something special for your car, Freeman Grapevine can help.