Feel the need for speed?

Well you just might have that need fulfilled.  Texas will be raising the speed limit on highways to 85 mph. If you don’t know already, a speed limit of eighty-five miles per hour would be the highest posted speed limit in the United States and the second-highest posted speed limit in the world. A trip from downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas would only take 23 min as opposed to the 30 it takes now. Isn’t that exciting? Meh, not really, I just wanted to impress you with some math skills.

Anyway, back on target.According to an article written by Reuters

Gary Biller, executive director of the Wisconsin-based National Motorists Association, said higher speed limits are perfectly reasonable given the good quality of today’s highway construction.

“In Utah, after they adjusted from 75 to 80, nothing happened to the accident rate,” Biller said. “Actually, nothing happened to the average speed, either; it remained the same.”

But don’t get too excited just yet, the same article reported:

Under the legislation, the Texas Department of Transportation would have to conduct engineering studies before any highway could be certified for an 85 mph speed limit.

“Should this or similar language become law, the agency would conduct extensive studies and analyses to determine safety and structural integrity before raising the speed limit on any particular highway in the state,” said Penny Mason, a spokeswoman for the department.


There are Proponents and Opponents to raising the speed limit. Now this isn’t the Autobahn and I have no interest in limitless speed (for the moment), but history has shown, and I believe,  raising the current speed limit isn’t anymore dangerous than it is now. Besides, if you drive in the Metroplex you know that actually going the “speed limit” is more dangerous than following the flow of traffic.

So there you have it, almost everything is bigger in Texas…even the speed limits. Comments?