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Is The Engine Compression Ratio In Your Car Right

Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Dealer, Freeman Grapevine has a little engine education for you today.

What is Engine Compression and why is it so important? This ratio is actually a guide to how much power the engine can generate. The higher the compression ratio, the more powerful the engine. If you are into physics, and words like “total engine displacement”, then you’ll love the video below.


The problem comes in when your engine loses compression. How much compression are you losing and why are you losing it? Do you think you need to run a compression test? Losing coolant? Poor performance? Blown head gasket? Loss of power? Really not sure? Bring your Fort Worth Buick or GMC into Freeman Grapevine and let us perform a compression test for you.

A Multi-Million Dollar Garage Nice Enough For Texas

Now we all know the slogan, “everything is BIG in Texas”. Well this garage is big, but it’s not in Texas, it’s in Arizona. However I wanted to share it with you, because not only is it a multi-million dollar garage, but the cars that is houses are simply amazing.

You’ve gotta respect and admire a guy who loves his vehicles this much to construct a garage that is amazingly unique and a design marvel. Never mind that he has a 1 million dollar Bugatti, or an array of other vehicles, including a Barracuda worth approximately $2 mil. This garage is a fantasy garage, with leather clad walls and touch screen information centers.

Check this place out!


Now I’m sure that somewhere in Texas there exists a garage that might rival this one, but I has yet to hear about it. I mean, let’s get serious here, a turntable that’s both functional and for show? That’s pretty extravagant.

Have you seen or heard of another garage that can rival this one? If so, show it to us! Freeman Grapevine loves stuff like this. I know it’s almost obnoxious to have a space like this, but at the same time, this multi-million dollar garage is certain worth all of the jaws it’s dropped.

Where’s The Fastest Speed Limit In America

If you guessed Texas, you are right! Apparently, the House Voted to agree to satisfy Texan’s need for speed. At this point in time, the new speed limit increases aren’t going to be up here in the DFW area any time soon from what I understand. In fact, I believe the 85mph speed limit will be down in the Austin area. Of course, once adopted, you’ll see the new speed limits pop up all over rural stretches of highways.


So, how does this make YOU feel? Aren’t people already exceeding the speed limit most ot the time anyway? Will an sped limit increase or decrease the number of accidents on the road? Do you already go 85mph on the highways? If you do, would you let your kids?

These are all very serious questions that need to be considered. I know we all want to get where we are going in a hurry, but is a speed limit increase the answer? It could be. Freeman Grapevine is eager to know what your think about increasing the speed limits to keep up with today’s busy drivers.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Crosswalk Pong Keeps Crosswalks Entertaining

Color your me impressed with German ingenuity for giving you a little entertainment as you sit and wait for your turn to cross at a crosswalk.

Crosswalk Pong. That’s right, Crosswalk Pong. So you get stuck before you get a chance to cross. In Germany, there’s no reason to rush, miss you crossing signal and get plowed over by a European sedan. Now you have a fun reason to wait.

Crosswalk Pong pits you against someone else on the other side of the street in a good old fashioned pong game. As your light counts down, you are visually warned that your game will be coming to an end soon and you can cross the street.

In the meantime, the German Transportation Department put themselves in the walker’s shoes and came up with a pretty fun to kill a few minutes while waiting to cross the street. Check it out.


Have you run into any other fun things like this that local Governments put into place to help keep the citizenry either safe, progressing, or in this case, entertained? If so, tell your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC, Diagnosing A Broken Tie Rod

Think you feel a clunk or shake in the steering wheel? You might have a bent tie rod! Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer wants you to know that if you feel any type of tie rod issues, you should probably bring in your Dallas Buick, or GMC ASAP. Leaving any problem unattended to is only going  to exacerbate any problem you ma be experiencing with noise or poor performance.

Here’s a great video from 1A-auto.com that will help you diagnose a broken tie rod

If you’ve already don the diagnosis or think that your Fort Worth Buick or GMC may be suffering from the issue, bring it by your Metroplex Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC: When Will CD Players Be Extinct

I don’t know about you, but when I drive, I have to listen to music, most of us at your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer do. For me, it’s just a really great way to decompress after work, or a great way to get pumped up on the way to a  game. The bottom line is, Fort Worth, that without tunes in the car, most of us might find traveling a bit on the boring side.

I don’t think we have anything to fear about losing our in-car entertainment, but I did recently hear that Sheryl Connelly with Ford Motor Co., told Digital Music News, “The in-car CD player – much like pay telephones – is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology.” According to Ford, downloadable formats such as MP3 now account for 98% of the music market, having grown more than seven-fold while CD sales have dropped 35%. The automaker says the Ford Focus is its first model that will have a CD-less in-dash radio.

Of course, Ford isn’t the only auto manufacturer who is moving towards integrating a smartphone connection as well as USB and MP3 Bluetooth connectivity for an external device in their vehicles as well.

Our cars have become such an ingrained part of our culture, they have quite literally become extension of ourselves and our homes. There is no doubt that over time customer preferences will lead us quickly into an all-digital approach to in-car audio entertainment. That means no more floorboards covered in scratched CDs. No more pulling the wrong CD from the right case. It will quite literally streamline our dashboards as well as how we listen to music in our cars.

The big question is, “When will all of this take place?” I don’t have an answer for that, but my guess is certainly much sooner than later.



Of course that was just for entertainment, so don’t go and turn your car into a giant keyboard…unless your name is Liberace.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask. If you are interested in the next generation on in-car entertainment, swing by and take a look at what Dallas Fort Worth Buick and GMC have to offer.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC, What Does It Mean To Be “Upside-Down”

I wrote about being “upside-down” a little while ago, and I think it’s time to revisit that topic. For those of you scratching your heads, “upside-down” means you owe more on the car than it is worth”. This can be particularly frustrating for people looking to buy a new car. If you owe more on your car now than it’s worth, the remaining debt gets wrapped into your new car purchase. Increasing the cost of your new car, but not necessarily the value.

This can be a vicious cycle for a lot of people. How do you stop it? Here are some ways to get out from under being upside-down:

Consider your automotive purchases more carefully in the first place. Look into the “residual,” which is the projected, future resale value. Even though they may cost more up front, vehicles with higher residuals are less expensive to own in the long-term because they depreciate less. Purchase mainstream vehicles. A higher trim level four-door sedan in a fairly common color will hold onto its value more than a lime green sport model with excessive customization. Unless you find a buyer whose taste in personalization is exactly like yours.

Resist the urge to keep buying new cars on a regular basis. Take care of what you have and hang onto it. Pay it off. If you’ve taken care of it, then it will bring more money when you sell it or trade it in. And if you’ve paid it off, you will then have some positive, rather than negative, equity.  Spend a little time and money cleaning it up and ready for sale, but you’ll get more in the bargain.  Fixing it up and spending a few Saturdays waiting by the phone can result in several thousand dollars in your pocket. If you don’t want the hassle, the dealership will be more than happy to take it in trade and make some good money on it.

Here’s an in-depth explanation on being “Upside Down”.


Also check www.united-credit.org for extra help.

Thanks to automedia.com

If you have any questions about your car finances, don’t hesitate to give your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine a call. We can try to get you out of that “upside down” situation.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Dealer: How Long Has Your Check Engine Light Been On

Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Dealer, Freeman Grapevine wants to know, when was the last time you actually looked at the instrument cluster in your car? It’s really easy to neglect keeping yourself informed about your vehicle, even though gauges and lights are giving you constant information. I know people who insist that their “Check Engine” light doesn’t really mean much and they’ve been driving with it on for “over a year”. Really? That’s not terribly smart. Make sure you read your new car manual too find out and take a look at something other than your speedometer from time to time.

Here’s a good (yet fuzzy) video I found that illustrates this well. WATCH IT! IT COULD SAVE YOU MONEY!


IF you have any questions feel free to ask your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Dealer, Freeman Grapevine we know how to “Turn the Light off” in your new car.