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The Proper Way To Handle A Police Stop If You Have A Concealed Handgun License

In Texas, we have the right to carry firearms concealed on our person with the proper concealed handgun license. If this applies to you, you are fully aware of your responsibility as a gun owner to alert the officer as soon as he makes verbal contact with you. This is for both your safety and the officer’s. I can tell you that if you are upfront, your simple moving violation will be far less complicated if you immediately tell the officer that your are licensed and that your are carrying.

Believe it, not I know many officers who respect an individual’s right to protect themselves and are, in fact, for lack of a better word, grateful that the citizen has taken some responsibility for his own safety. After all, the police only show up after a crime has been committed.

So what is the right procedure? You should have already learned this in your CHL class, but here is a reminder.

Of course, this scenario was set up to show you what can occur when you are pulled over and engage with the attending officer in regards to your firearm. Tell them you have it immediately! Chances are, they will be much more respectful of you and ease any additional tension the officer may have at the beginning of the stop.

Just a friendly reminder brought to you by Freeman Grapevine.