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Clean Fuel Injectors Means More Miles Per Gallon

It doesn’t take your car repairman to tell you that, if you’ve hit your 60,000 mile mark and haven’t had your fuel injectors cleaned, it’s probably time to do so. I don’t need to tell you that the cleaner your fuel injectors are, the more efficient your engine will be, whereby resulting in better gas mileage. With fuel prices seemingly stuck at well over $3 a gallon, this just means more money in your pocket. What happens when fuel injectors are dirty or clogged is that they don’t spray in an even pattern. This will produce poor fuel ignition and is a huge waste of fuel. Check out the video below. This is a great report on fuel injectors.


Replacing fuel injectors can cost several hundred dollars so you don’t want to neglect them, as they are the feeding tube for your engine and you are going to want as much efficiency as possible. It’s a good idea to get them serviced at least once a year. Remember, following your regular maintenance schedule will prove to greatly benefit the life of your car’s engine.

Can You Pass This Awareness Test

Lot’s of time when we are driving it’s easy to miss objects and things that you aren’t looking for. Yes, you look when you change lanes. Yes, you look when you make a turn. Yes, you see speed limit signs. Yes, you see school zones. How often do you miss things you aren’t looking for on the road? More often than you think. Here’s an example. Take this short awareness test and see if you can pass.

Pretty interesting, huh? It’s not always easy to spot the things you aren’t really looking for. Cyclists, motorcyclists, people jaywalking, animals in the road and a plethora of other obstacles and impedances.

The bottom line is that anytime you get behind the wheel of your Buick, or GMC you need to be sensitive to everything you see and hyper-sensitive to the things that you don’t. That is your responsibility as a driver in Dallas, Fort Worth and anywhere else you may drive.

Take it even further and throw in the fact that you might be on the phone, or trying to text. What do you think you chances are of seeing and reacting to something unexpected in the road? I’m going to say, not very good in the least.

Just be sure that every time you get behind the wheel your focus is on the road and expect the unexpected. Just another friendly reminder from us here at Freeman Grapevine.

The Proper Way To Handle A Police Stop If You Have A Concealed Handgun License

In Texas, we have the right to carry firearms concealed on our person with the proper concealed handgun license. If this applies to you, you are fully aware of your responsibility as a gun owner to alert the officer as soon as he makes verbal contact with you. This is for both your safety and the officer’s. I can tell you that if you are upfront, your simple moving violation will be far less complicated if you immediately tell the officer that your are licensed and that your are carrying.

Believe it, not I know many officers who respect an individual’s right to protect themselves and are, in fact, for lack of a better word, grateful that the citizen has taken some responsibility for his own safety. After all, the police only show up after a crime has been committed.

So what is the right procedure? You should have already learned this in your CHL class, but here is a reminder.

Of course, this scenario was set up to show you what can occur when you are pulled over and engage with the attending officer in regards to your firearm. Tell them you have it immediately! Chances are, they will be much more respectful of you and ease any additional tension the officer may have at the beginning of the stop.

Just a friendly reminder brought to you by Freeman Grapevine.

Winterize your Buick Or GMC

You may have never heard of the term “Winterization” before. RVers and Boaters are well aware of this term, but drivers aren’t really so much, especially here in Texas where our winters are especially mild.

However, something tells me that this year Dallas and Fort Worth are going to see a fairly cold winter and there are certain thing you should do to prepare for the colder months. There are a number of things that can go wrong with fluids, belts, hoses and wipers among other things, when the weather gets cold.

Check out the video below for some good tips on how to get your car ready for the winter, or “winterize” your Buick, or GMC. It goes over the winterization process in good detail.

Now some of this winterization you can do on your own, but it’s probably better to bring it into your Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine so you know that all of your fluids are being changed properly and as well as saving you a ton of time if you need to change out any hoses or belts. If you have any questions about the winterization of your Buick or GMC, give Freeman Grapevine before it gets too cold and you are left stranded in the cold.