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Have You Ever Thought About Driving With A Suspended License

caught driving on suspended license, suspended license, freeman grapevine,Just for fun, I was looking up some Texas Driving Laws recently and came across something that I had never thought about: “What happens if you get caught driving with a suspended license?” Do you get arrested? Do you get ticketed? Both? Does it have to do with why you lost your license in the first place? (Side note: if you don’t know, you can also lose your license if you don’t pay child support.)

There are people out there who will chance it. They will disregard a court order, get in their car and go about their business hoping they don’t get pulled over for another violation.

I pulled this from mytexasdefenselawyer.com, so thanks guys for the information.

If you are convicted of knowingly driving with a suspended license, it is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a find up to $500. It is a Class B misdemeanor – up to six months in a county jail – if you have been previously convicted, or previously had your license suspended for DWI.

It is also a Class B offense not to surrender your license to the state upon demand after your suspension.

The Texas Transportation Code also allows for an additional license suspension the same length as the first. For example, if your license was suspended for six months, and you are convicted of driving during that suspension, your license will be suspended for another six months after the original period ends

But the real penalty for driving on a suspended driver’s license is the cost.

To begin with, it is very likely that the police will have your car towed from where you were stopped. You will be responsible for the towing fees, and for a daily storage fee at the tow yard until you pay the money and retrieve your car. This can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Then you also will pay:

  1. Criminal fines that can range up to $2,000, depending on the charge.
  2. A reinstatement fee of $100 and SR-22 insurance, which can be very expensive.
  3. A surcharge of $250 a year for three years.

This video is from California, so don’t take this as Texas State driving law, it’s just a further example of what can happen if you get caught driving on a suspended license.

I don’t know about you guys, but if you drive on a suspended license and get caught, well, all I can say is, “Good Luck” and “I hope you are independently wealthy”. Be smart. If you have suspended driver’s license, you are better off getting a ride from a friend, or family member, or just staying home altogether.


It’s OK, We All Have Electrical Issues

Own a DFW car? At some point, whether you like it or not, you are going to have to have some electrical repair made. Things just wear out, and it’s not just the mechanical pieces of your car either.  Today’s cars are very complicated and are as much computers as they are vehicles. Freeman Grapevine has the knowledge to diagnose and fix any type of electrical issue.

The electrical systems in new cars have definitely made driving a lot easier over the decades. The seemingly endless innovations in electrical systems have helped us enjoy a more comfortable and easier drive. However,  problems can sometimes arise. Let’s cover some of the issues that you could face with your new vehicle’s electrical system:

Common Automobile Electrical System Problems Are :

Car’s Battery Is Dead – This is the most common problem…and most obvious. Check your battery by engaging your headlights and judge by the illumination.

No Power Stored in the Battery – When you turn the key, what do you hear? A little click? Does it sound like it want’s to turn over? It is possible that your car’s battery does not have ample power to crank the starter. You need a new battery.

Alternator is Not Working – A damaged or broken alternator could be the culprit. No alternator? No battery recharge. If your car suddenly start to lose “juice” while drive, you’ll know it could be your new car’s alternator.

Problem with Starter or Solenoid – Good parts gone bad parts. If it’s the starter, it won’t turn over. If you have Solenoid issues, you might find it harder to brake.

Battery Cables Might Be The Problem – A loose cable might be the root of the problem…give them a wiggle before you run out and buy a replacement.

Electrical Fuses – Check for any blown fuses in your fuse box. Also, feel around for any loose wires.

Cracks In Alternator Belt – Too much or too little tension, as well as cracks in the alternator belt cause trouble.

Ignition System Has Problems – You have a busted ignition switch. Give your mechanic a call.

Loose Spark Plugs – Loose or old plugs will certainly affect the operation of your vehicle. Are you loosing power as gears change? Does it lurch as if the gears aren’t engaging? It might be the internal combustion and the culprit is usually the plugs and cables.

Now these are just guidelines you can crosscheck with a Freeman Grapevine Service Consultant any issue you might have experienced. I you can talk with your mechanic about your new car logically by doing a little research, you help him help you even faster. Just give us a call, Freeman Grapevine, to set up an appointment.