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AAA Infotainment Study Ranks Distracted Driving Causes

If you frequently read car reviews, you’re almost guaranteed to find at least one in which the reviewer gripes about an infotainment system being hard to use and that it’s distracting. But exactly how distracting are some systems, and what about some of the tasks? That’s what the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety set out to find with its new study. It evaluated systems from a wide array of cars and trucks, as well as several available functions, to find out which was worst.

Starting with what infotainment functions are the worst to use while driving, we weren’t very surprised to find that adjusting the audio settings were the least distracting. This may have something to do with the fact that we’ve been changing stations, inputs and volumes for decades now, and each of those tasks doesn’t take much more than one or two button presses or turning a knob. A little more surprising was that neither making a phone call nor sending a text message with the infotainment system was the most demanding. That honor (dishonor?) goes to using the navigation, and specifically entering an address. This task had the highest visual demand and distracted the driver for the longest time. The next worst tasks were texting and making phone calls.

Audi A4 center console controls

The task itself isn’t the only distracting aspect of using an infotainment system. The interface a car’s system uses can be distracting as well. The study examined three types: controls on a center stack, voice controls, and controls down in the center console. Once again, it’s not entirely surprising that the center stack controls were the least distracting. Like with adjusting the radio, we’re simply used to pressing buttons and knobs on the center stack, whether it’s for the radio, navigation or climate controls. Interestingly, the most distracting control scheme was the center console setup. This doesn’t bode well for manufacturers such as Mazda, Audi and others that rely on a large knob in between the seats.

AAA’s conclusion to this study seems to be that automakers have some room for improvement for infotainment systems, and more complicated tasks such as manually texting, dialing numbers and inputting addresses, as well as any kind of web or social media browsing should be locked out while the car is being driven. It’s also advisable to complete tasks such as address input before actually driving.

We would also add a small caveat to AAA’s findings. An infotainment system can be a very subjective thing. A system that one person finds horribly complex and distracting, might make perfect sense to you. So it’s something that should be tried out on your own before ruling it out, probably before you start test-driving the car. If it’s tough to use, maybe consider a different vehicle. Also, while the study did allow participants to become somewhat familiar with each car before performing tests, remember that any system you try will likely become easier and less distracting the more you use it and get practice. Still, it’s smart to pick a system that’s fairly easy to pick up without prior knowledge.





Can you Diagnose A Bad Fuel Pump?

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Check out the great video below by Eric the Car Guy!


I think one important issue that isn’t included in the video is the presence of sediment. Sediment can and will collect at the bottom of your fuel cell. A great way to avoid sediment deposits is actually quite easy. Keep your tank at least a quarter of the way full at all times. This small attention to detail might just save the life of that fuel pump.

If you’ve run through your diagnostic checks and you think you may have a fuel pump problem, call Freeman Grapevine before your issue gets worse. A broken fuel pump will certainly leave you stranded roadside, or worse..in the middle of the road.

It’s Time To Change Your Cabin Air Filter

cabin air filter, Buick dealer dallas, buick dealer fort worth, car accident info, dallas Buick Dealer, dallas fort worth used car, Dallas GMC Dealer, dallas GMC Truck, dallas new car, dallas Used Car, dallas Used Truck, dfw driving, eassist, foggy headlights, fort worth Buick dealer, freeman grapevine, GMC Dealer, GMC TruckWhen was the last time you changed your cabin air filter? If you have to think about it, it is probably time to change your cabin air filter. If you are scratching you head right now because you didn’t even know that your Buick, or GMC had a cabin air filter, then you really need to read this and watch the video.

Now keep in mind, not all Buicks and GMCs have cabin air filters. However, many do and if your Buick or GMC has a cabin filter, it should be changed once a year.

So, where is the cabin air filter? If your Buick or GMC has one, it will be behind the glove box. Consult your vehicle’s handbook for it’s location.  If you’ve lost or misplaced it, call your Freeman Grapevine.

Using online sources, like YouTube are also incredible place to find information.


Rather not deal with it? No problem, we will take car of it for you. Just give service a call and book an appointment. Having purified cabin air is really going to improve your comfort level by filtering out unwanted spores, dirt, dust and fumes.

Buick Dealer Dallas Says: You Can Control Gas Prices

gas price decline, Buick dealer dallas, buick dealer fort worth, car accident info, dallas Buick Dealer, dallas fort worth used car, Dallas GMC Dealer, dallas GMC Truck, dallas new car, dallas Used Car, dallas Used Truck, dfw driving, eassist, fort worth Buick dealer, freeman grapevine, GMC Dealer, GMC TruckHere’s something I was just thinking about and wanted to share. How and why do gas prices rise and fall. Freeman Grapevine supplies companies with fleet vehicles, we sell work trucks and larger, family sized SUVS. For each one of those entities, the cost of fuel directly affects them the most because of their size and engine requirements. Make no mistake though, the fuel economy of larger GM Vehicles is up there, if not better than, our closest competitors.

So, why are gas prices going back up? They we’re at their highest in 2008 when the price per gallon was over $4 here in Grapevine Texas. In California and parts of Colorado (and other places, I’m sure) it was over $5. It a combination of things I think. Additional tension in the Middle East with Iran can cut it’s oil supplies to the US and other European countries. Also, there is further economical tension overseas, in Greece needs a bailout and Europe has a debt crisis that adds to the uncertainty.

So, what can we do to facilitate another drop in gas prices? Two things can happen, but only one we can do ourselves. The oil industry increases supply and demand by further exploration. I’ve heard that has already been proposed in regards to Arctic regions. Of course, we have the ongoing battle of tapping reserves in Alaska and further exploring the Gulf of Mexico.


We can drive less.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t the that GMC Yukon Denali, by all means, get it, it’s a beautiful vehicle. What I’m saying is plan a little more to use your vehicle a little less.

When gas prices were at their peak, it was limiting the use of our vehicles that drove the prices down. Why? Obviously, supply was exceeding demand and it started a price war. It’s a very simple concept. Make the gas companies fight for your vehicle’s fuel supply. There’s no need for anything drastic that you aren’t already doing…except drive less. Make a home cooked meal instead of going to a restaurant. Carpool. Stream a movie instead of going to a theater. Oh, and I’m sure Fido would love to go on a walk, or two.

There is some good news on the issues we can’t control too. You see, economies operate like a sine curve. There are peaks and valleys of growth and decline, it’s just how capitalism works. There are good signs that we are at the beginning of a recovery. There are good signs that Europe’s debt crisis is easing and Greece’s pending bailout deal is easing financial nerves.

So, with us driving just a bit less, maybe we can initiate another gas war and help drive gas prices down. Remember, I’m a Grapevine, Tx car dealer, selling cars and trucks is my livelihood. However, I also want my customers to be informed so everyone can have the vehicles they really want.