Have you considered upgrading your car stereo?

One thing is certain, we all spend a lot of time in our cars, 540 hours a year to be exact. That’s right 540 hours of traffic, of red lights of sitting for hours on end. What do you do with all of that time wasted? With the crack down on cell phone usage, you’d better have a pretty killer stereo to stay entertained.

Now, for the most part, most people are totally content with their factory installed systems. However, there are some people…self-proclaimed “audiophiles” who demand only the clearest most efficient and, at times, the loudest audio systems available.

If you think you want to venture into the world of custom audio for your vehicle, there are some things you should know. First let’s start with the basics…the 3 components of your audio entertainment.


When looking for an after market system, you really need know what you are looking for: what type of sound, what features, what brand, are you going to need an amplifier…these are just a few of the questions you should ask before you make any purchase. There are any number of places you can go to research and get expert advice, including my dealership.

I guess the bottom line is, if we are going to be spending 541 hours in our cars every year, I for one am going to want the best possible audio system in my vehicle to keep my mind off the fact that I could be playing a lot Golf with those wasted hours.