Grill Guards Aren’t Just For Looks

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Are you familiar with truck grill guards? You may say you are, on sight at least. However, are you aware that these devices offer tremendous advantages for your truck, especially if you are using it for off road riding and job sites? Probably not.

Most models of truck grill guards are formed by tubular steel. The front end of your beloved truck is very much protected by having this device installed there. Aside from the usual protection it offers to the grille, itself, grill guards also protect the radiator that is typically behind the grille. You can have truck grill guards based on your preferred finish. There are several kinds of finishes available, as most truck accessories usually do. You can match your grill guard to your other truck accessories to give it a certain complete look.


When looking for a grill guard for your truck, you have to remember a few important things:

1. Remember that you have to purchase the grill guards designed to fit the specific make and brand of your vehicle. By doing this, the possibility of having to drill new holes in your truck’s underside in order to provide a perfect fit for your new grill guard is eliminated. Several companies actually offer custom designed truck grill guards for many truck makes or brand.

2. It is also important that you purchase an entire truck grill guard package, complete with skid plate and/or skid plate and other component pieces.

3. Lastly, make sure that you consider the gauge of steel that your choice of guard is constructed with. Thicker is better since it would guarantee more protection. However, your grill guard will be heavier and would involve more pounds of gasoline to load your truck.

If you have already decided on all these items, next thing you have to decide is the finish you prefer. Many companies offer stainless steel, chrome and powder coated black truck grill guards. As far as longevity and looks are concerned, each of these types of finish has something different to offer. Remember to check with your grill guard retailer and find out the length of warranty that they apply to each type of finish.

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