Fort Worth: Looking to upgrade your Car Audio…Start here first.

First, before you even open that Crutchfield catalog, you need to learn the basics of reproducing a clear and sonically well-rounded aural environment in your vehicle. To dumb that down, “How do I make my Car Stereo sound better?”

There’s no doubt that cars play a significant role in almost everyone’s lives. Everyday, people spend hours and hours inside their cars whether driving to and from work, running errands or simply being stuck in traffic. What’s the first thing you do? If you are anything like me, you hit the radio for some entertainment. I can’t drive 10 feet without getting the tunes going in my car.

So who should I thank for the hours of refocusing the days events while I use my car as an entertainment bubble? Well, that honor goes to the Galvin brothers who developed the first radio used in cars in the 1930s, drivers around the globe can now listen to music while on the road. Forty years and billions invested in audio technology later, the Galvin brothers system is still being used along with its different features to make drivers and passengers’ driving experience better.

So, what do you need to understand about car audio before you go Mod crazy and start buying 1,000 watt power amps and 15″ woofers? Well, in actuality, your first car audio system can be quick and easy upon taking into account a number of factors that will determine a great outcome. First set a budget and research your brands. Check Consumer Reports for accurate and unbiased reviews. Blaupunkt, Pioneer, Bose, Denon and Kenwood are the more popular brands. Then you’ll want to consider all the functions you expect to get like the capacity to play MP3s and CDs. There are hundreds of options, layouts, controls and features available in the modern car receiver/deck, so figure out what you’d like to have. For example, do you need a line in to connect an MP3 player of some kind? Will it play MP3 CDs? Is there a hard drive for music storage? Nail these questions down before you start shopping.

Now this is actually the trick part: choosing the right speakers. What are the right speakers, you might ask? Speakers come in three types including the loud speaker, tweeters and the subwoofer. Loud speakers are for middle sound ranges and while being able to resonate a wide range of sounds, it is only able to do so in a limited manner. This is the reason it needs the other types. Mid-range is the tonal frequency that allows the music to be heard with clarity and cleans up some of the muddy nature of Bass heavy tracks.

Tweeters are small speakers that produce high notes. This is the very top end of the sound. It’s the top end that makes the sound “shimmer”. Tweeters make it possible for high notes to be heard in a fuller and clearer tone.

The third type is the subwoofer that allows for the lower sound range to be emitted. Bass as a tone is omnidirectional,so the bass feels as if it is surrounding you. Tweeters and Loud Speakers are, for the most part, mono-directional, meaning the sound quality will change hen moving left or right from dead center. Beautiful bass and clear baritone can be attributed to the subwoofer.

One other important thing to remember is the fact that your vehicle isn’t wired for extreme audio upgrades. Here is a good video to watch to educate yourself about audio wiring:


Like in purchasing anything of significant value, research can prove very helpful.  Check the numerous online shops that offer car audio systems and the different deals available. Reviews and tips from others who have purchased and used the same products can be very helpful. Pay particular attention to reviews that aren’t the glowing reviews, they are usually the most objective and honest.

If you have any questions or are looking for an audio system upgrade for your car, then don’t hesitate to give us a call…we can really help turn your vehicle to a rolling entertainment center.