What Ever Happened To The Sunday Drive?

Photo Courtesy of Alaska-In-Pictures.com

Remember when we used to get in the car on a Sunday morning and head out for a nice drive? Maybe it was to a lake or a down a curvy mountain road with the windows down and enjoying the sights and sounds. It seems that we’ve become too busy with work or too distracted with our Xboxes, laptops, iPads and other electronics.

I remember when my father would get up on Sunday mornings and have his cup of coffee and wonder aloud where we were going. We usually ended up taking a drive way out of the way of the city to a lake. Winding roads, trees as far as you could see, and the smell of nature filling up the car’s interior. It was a great feeling, just getting out of the house to spend a couple of hours with no real agenda on where we were going or what we were doing. Taking to the open road with the windows down and nothing but the road in front of us is a lost art.

What ever happened to roads like Route 66 that would curve and move with the land, instead of just a straight-shot? The curvy, 2 lane, roads that you only see in rural areas that give you the great scenic views are my favorite and I wish we had more of them here in Grapevine. Let’s bring back the Sunday drive so we can leave our electronics, and the daily grind behind for a couple of hours. Now that Spring is here, it’s the perfect time to roll your windows down, or, if you’re in a convertible, pulling the top down and enjoying the fresh air!

When’s the last time you took a Sunday drive?