Dogs Don’t Belong In The Bed of Your Truck

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I was driving to Main Street Days over the weekend and I saw something that aggravates me to no end. There was a pickup truck in front of me at a light with a dog in the bed. I hear of people losing their dogs when they’re roaming free in the back end even when there’s not an accident. You may think they are enjoying being out in the sun, with their noses stuck out in the wind, but I assure you, they are terrified and confused.

Letting a dog roam around the bed of your pickup truck is not only dangerous for the dog, it’s also dangerous for the other drivers on the road. Just one brake check or swift move, and your pup could lose his or her balance and end up on the roadway. At a high rate of speed, that would very easily be fatal. It would also potentially cause a domino effect of accidents trying to avoid that one.

Some owners claim that using a leash in the bed of the truck to secure them is a good idea. I disagree, I’ve read numerous reports of dogs being strangled when they attempted to jump out, only to leave them hanging over the side of the truck, unable to breathe.

I’ve also heard of people putting dog carriers in the bed of their truck. That may seem like a safer alternative, but the reality is, if you get into an accident, even a minor one, that cage will do no good.

The only place to have a dog travel with you is in the cab. If you have an extended cab truck, keep them in the back seat, so they will not bother you as you’re driving. Keep your dogs safe! I don’t want to hear anymore stories of people losing their beloved animals due to letting them ride in the back.