Surefire Ways To Save Money On Gas

Gas is still hovering around $3 per gallon here in Texas and with the summer coming up, those prices are just going to get higher. There are a few things that are often ignored that we can do to keep our vehicles running at maximum fuel efficiency. These are simple fixes, nothing too complicated or that requires anything outside of regular maintenance. Give them a shot and see if it lessens the load on your wallet!

Tire Pressure

If your tires aren’t properly inflated, you’re losing money every time you fill up. Consider this: There’s a 1% loss of fuel efficiency for every 2 PSI under maximum pressure (usually in the 35-psi range). So if you’re currently at 26 PSI, you’re losing about 5%. In a truck or SUV, that’s about 1/2 MPG, but in a smaller car, that could conceivably be 1-2 MPG.

Slow Down

When were out on the highway, we often see people driving faster than the speed limits. Not only are they asking for a ticket, but they’re also draining their gas tanks quicker than needed. Higher speeds may get you there quicker, but at what cost. Keeping your vehicle at the speed limit and using cruise control makes sure your engine uses gas more efficiently to maintain a steady speed.

Regular maintenance

Replacing the belts, hoses, and oils in your vehicle ensures that most moving parts of your engine are properly lubricated and can move without hesitation. Once you start skipping tune-ups or oil changes, you’ll begin to notice your MPG heading south. Keep a regular schedule and make sure those moving parts get the proper attention they need to keep your car

Synthetic Motor Oil

Some people have reported seeing a 3-5% jump in their MPG since they have switched over to a synthetic oil. Better driving through science!

Lighten Your Load

Take that bowling ball that rolls around and bangs into the side of your trunk on every turn out of the car! We tend to use our cars as storage from time to time and it affects our gas mileage. For every 100 lbs, you’re losing about 2% in MPG.

What have you done to raise your MPG?