Happy New Year!

Hey guys and gals! I just wanted to say “Happy New Year!” Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Eating healthy? Working out? Losing weight? What about resolutions for your car? I’ve got a couple of ideas for mine!

1. Take a road trip!

When’s the last time you took a road trip for pleasure? Have you seen the Grand Canyon? South Padre during spring break? Your car is designed to take you places, use it!

2. Put the phone down.

In 2011, 23% of all accidents that happened involved cell phones. That’s a disturbing number and surely, within the past 2 years, that number has gone up. Make it a point to keep your phone in your pocket or in a place that is out of reach while you’re driving. Paying attention while you’re behind the wheel is the best possible thing you could do to avoid an accident.

3. Keep your car maintained.

Changing the fluids in your car and keeping it maintained is the key to getting the longest life possible out of your car. Is your car well-maintained enough to hit 300,000 miles? Get the full value of your car and start keeping a log book of the maintenance that has been performed to make sure you don’t miss a scheduled oil change or have to pay up for repairs that could have been avoided.

4. Get that headlight fixed!

There are plenty of cars out on the road that need a little TLC. A blown-out light bulb can get you a ticket, bald tires will stop you from getting your car inspected, a busted out window increases the chance of someone breaking into your car (again!).  If there’s only a handful of things stopping you from be safe on the road, get them fixed and let’s start off the new year as safely as possible.

What about you? What are your new year’s resolutions?