3 Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to take a moment and talk about a few great things to have in yours and everyone’s car and make for great gifts! In case of an emergency, these products can be helpful and can even save yours or the life of someone else. We hope you never have to use any of these items, but in any event, it’s always better to have them handy and ready to be used.

1. A well stocked first aid kit.

These come in handy whether or not it’s an auto-related accident. Band-aids, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, some even have aspirin for those pesky headaches on long drives. Having a good first aid kit in your car at all times stops your from having to run to CVS or Walgreen’s when you have a minor mishap and need to stop a cut from bleeding. If you have kids, one of these is essential. Kids are always getting scrapes and cuts and the quicker you can address it, the less chances they have of getting an infection.

2. A jumpstart battery

These have been priceless in my experience. I tend to leave my lights on and the next morning, I have a dead battery. To resolve that issue, I keep a jumpstart battery in my trunk just in case, I do it again. These batteries can keep a charge over long periods of time and can even come in handy when you go camping. Most jumpstart batteries have a plug where you can charge your cell phone or any other device.

3. The Lifehammer

This one little device is recommended by law enforcement departments across the country and can very possibly save your life in the case of a major accident. This ingenious product has a double-sided hammer head with steel tipped points that can break a window in case of being trapped in your vehicle. On the other end of it is a shielded razor blade that is designed to cut through seat belts.