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GM Gadget Alert…Calling all Geeks!

I love gadgets, I love technology. I love stuff that makes our life easier. We’re surrounded by so many plugs, outlets, cables and other stuff that either just gets in the way, lost or broken. How easy would it be for you to lay down your smart phone or other device and have it charge seemingly by itself?

GM knows.

If you’re a gadget geek, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Powermat, the home and portable device that recharges your phone wirelessly. You put a case around your phone, and when it’s placed on the mat, the battery is recharged through magnetic induction.

Now these will probably first see their way in to some GM models first just before hitting the big boys at GMC. Until then, I’ll be counting down the time until I can get rid of the car charger and freeing up my powerpoints for other, more useful items…Like this ultimate tailgating boom box!

I think I could fill Cowboy's Stadium with this bad boy!

Come and check out all of the optional gadgets that your local GMC dealer can supply in your new GMC…Geek approved.

One Reason to Drive in Texas Is Great

The traffic!

“Really, Ozzie? Did you just say the traffic?”

Yup, I sure did! Think about it, for all of the congestion we sit in, for all of the hours wasted milling in a seemingly never ending sea of cars we still don’t have it as bad as some places in the US.

So where is the worst traffic in the us located? Well according to the New York Times…they do. That’s right, New York take a look:

This Thanksgiving weekend, more than 40 million people will drive more than 50 miles from their homes, according to AAA. That’s bad news for New Yorkers, according to Navteq, a map and traffic provider, which recently released its list of most congested cities in North America. Not only did New York City top the list, it also ranked No. 1 for the worst rush-hour roads, with the northbound lanes of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel coming in first, followed by the eastbound George Washington Bridge.

Worst Rush Hours in the United States

1. New York City
2. Washington
3. San Francisco
4. Seattle
5. Los Angeles
6. Philadelphia
7. Chicago
8. Dallas-Ft.Worth
9. Atlanta
10. Houston

Freeways with the Slowest Typical Rush Hour

1. New York City – Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (northbound)
2. New York City – George Washington Bridge (eastbound)
3. Montreal – Autoroute 15 – (eastbound)
4. Philadelphia – U.S. 202 (southbound)
5. Montreal – Route 138 (westbound)
6. New York City – George Washington Bridge (westbound)
7. Los Angeles – 1-10 (eastbound)
8. Boston – U.S. 1 (northbound)
9. Dallas – Texas State Highway Spur 366 (eastbound)
10. Toronto – Don Valley Parkway (northbound)

Hey would you look at that Dallas Fort Worth…we’re only number 8 on the list. That seems about right. Of course, sometime the amount of traffic outside of my dealership on 121 would make me think that DFW was higher on the list.

Cars Built with Crossbows, Snakes and Headbutts

Hands down, this has to be the most insane car commercial I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the good people at for educating me on the fact that there is definitely something strange in European water>

Skoda is busy pushing its new Fabia vRS on the unsuspecting public across the pond with a new ad for the pint-sized hatch. Far from the cuddly machines of the competition, the Fabia vRS is apparently hewn melted-down katana swords, razor wire, snake venom and burnt rubber. Even the windshield wipers are constructed from bits of a crossbow, at least in make-believe land. The spot features manly men doing manly things to build the little five-door. Sure does make you wonder what goes into putting the 2011 Sierra Denali together.

See what I mean? It’s gotta be in the water over there.

Weekend Poll: DFW, what’s your favorite GMC SUV model?

Before the weekend, I thought that it would be fun to take a poll on your favorite GMC Sport Utility models. There’s no doubt that GMC has a lot to offer in this category so if any of these models catch your eye, then place your vote below! I’d love to know your favorite!

If you’re interested any of these models, come see me, and I’ll take you for test-drive personally!

Would You ever want GMC to Build this, Dallas?

I’ll have to be honest. I’ve heard about this, and I may have even see a picture or two, but below is the first video of it I’ve seen in action. Yes, I know, the video is 3 years old and I may have come to the party late here, but I want your honest opinions.

If this multi-hybrid were to go into production, do you think you’d own it? Check it out.

So Dallas…and the rest of my readers, of course…What’s your verdict? Cool concept or revenge of a previously bad idea. Let me know!

There is Nothing you CAN’T do with a new GMC

Man, If you think shooting a 3 pointer is hard, try doing it from a plane! Check out GMC and Dude Perfect. It’s “ok” to demand the impossible!

If you looking for a new GMC truck with the ability to do the impossible, give these guys a call.


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