One Reason to Drive in Texas Is Great

The traffic!

“Really, Ozzie? Did you just say the traffic?”

Yup, I sure did! Think about it, for all of the congestion we sit in, for all of the hours wasted milling in a seemingly never ending sea of cars we still don’t have it as bad as some places in the US.

So where is the worst traffic in the us located? Well according to the New York Times…they do. That’s right, New York take a look:

This Thanksgiving weekend, more than 40 million people will drive more than 50 miles from their homes, according to AAA. That’s bad news for New Yorkers, according to Navteq, a map and traffic provider, which recently released its list of most congested cities in North America. Not only did New York City top the list, it also ranked No. 1 for the worst rush-hour roads, with the northbound lanes of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel coming in first, followed by the eastbound George Washington Bridge.

Worst Rush Hours in the United States

1. New York City
2. Washington
3. San Francisco
4. Seattle
5. Los Angeles
6. Philadelphia
7. Chicago
8. Dallas-Ft.Worth
9. Atlanta
10. Houston

Freeways with the Slowest Typical Rush Hour

1. New York City – Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (northbound)
2. New York City – George Washington Bridge (eastbound)
3. Montreal – Autoroute 15 – (eastbound)
4. Philadelphia – U.S. 202 (southbound)
5. Montreal – Route 138 (westbound)
6. New York City – George Washington Bridge (westbound)
7. Los Angeles – 1-10 (eastbound)
8. Boston – U.S. 1 (northbound)
9. Dallas – Texas State Highway Spur 366 (eastbound)
10. Toronto – Don Valley Parkway (northbound)

Hey would you look at that Dallas Fort Worth…we’re only number 8 on the list. That seems about right. Of course, sometime the amount of traffic outside of my dealership on 121 would make me think that DFW was higher on the list.