Fort Worth: The 9 Eyes of Texas are upon you

Now, I know you came here specifically to find out what exactly the “9 Eyes” are. To quell any fear that it is a giant mutated spider or more red light traffic cameras, the “9 Eyes” are, in fact, a reference to the Google Street View camera. Now, remember, some of the images are not all the most appropriate, but most really give a real view of what street life is from Fort Worth, to New York City, to Bangladesh.

I remember when Google announced that they would be photographing every street and address in the world, my first thought was, “There’s no way they can do that!” My second thought was, “I wonder what those cameras would actually catch?” For example, I have a friend who is in a band said he was going to set up all of his equipment in his driveway for a “Live Band” photo. Of course, I just laughed and said something fairly generic and we moved the conversation on to another topic.

I had forgotten all about his idea until I ran across a web site that is gathering an impressive collection of Google Street View images. From the beautiful to the bizarre, the site looks through the two eyes of Google Street View; the site is nothing but the “best” pics from Google’s roving army.

I thought it was not just impressive, but it turned out for me to be a great way to take a break from rigorous work day and see what life is like elsewhere int he world. I just wanted to share these really interesting pictures with you. They really get the imagination going. Plus, if you remember that these pictures were taken on the streets while everyday activities were taking place, that just makes them even more intriguing.

Any comments on these photographs? I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures as much as I did.