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Convex Driver’s Side Mirrors…Why don’t you see them in DFW?

So why don’t you see driver’s side convex mirrors on Dallas Fort Worth cars or anywhere else in the US? Quite frankly, they are illegal here. Why?  Anyone who has driven a car in Europe has seen that their driver’s side mirror are convex. In contrast to the United States, where vehicles must have flat (or planar) outside mirrors on the driver’s side, European cars can have convex, wide-angle mirrors on both sides of their vehicles.

What’s the big deal? With two convex mirrors, blind spots are virtually eliminated, they can virtually eliminate the need to twist one’s head toward the left when looking to turn left or changing lanes to pass.

Apparently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would consider permitting convex driver’s-side mirrors on vehicles, the change might finally be on the horizon. Both General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, have argued that drivers with convex mirrors on both sides will have a much wider field of view. The companies support the idea that the United States simply adopt the European rules for driver’s-side mirrors.

This endorsement of convex mirrors comes on the heels of a tentative proposition that would require all future United States bound vehicles have rear cameras. This is an added cost that will be passed on the consumer. With both driver’s side and passenger’s side mirrors convex, US bound vehicles can forgo the costly addition of rear cameras.

At the present time in the United States, drivers and automakers can install convex

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Additional installation of a convex mirror exposes blind spots flat mirrors cannot capture

mirrors as long as the mirrors also have the required flat portion, as some manufacturers, including Ford, have done.

According to the New York Times:

“The agency intends to re-evaluate existing side-mirror requirements (FMVSS No.111) to determine whether convex mirrors should be harmonized with European requirements,” said Karen Aldana, an N.H.T.S.A. spokeswoman.

If you are looking for a broader field of view in your driver’s side rear view mirror, consider adding a convex mirror to your existing flat mirror. I’m sure most auto parts stores in Dallas and Fort Worth have them. If you are having problems getting the right one for your Buick or GMC car or truck then just swing by Freeman Grapevine so you can stop driving blind.

Dallas and Fort Worth cars, tell your owners when you need new shocks

That’s right, I’m talking to your cars. At Freeman Grapevine I’ve seen cars come in with serious suspension problems and whose owners obviously didn’t listen to their cars. Seriously, they will tell you when  you need replacement shocks. Shocks and suspensions are an often overlooked but vital aspect to your car in regards to safety. Make no mistake, recognizing when it is time to replace your shocks is very important.

First, let’s review the shocks and the suspension system:


Checking your shocks is actually a very simple thing to do. In fact, it is something you can do yourself  fairly easily.

The first thing you can do is pay attention when you are driving. For example, after hitting the bump does your Buick or GMC continue to bounce up and down? If the answer is yes then you  will almost certainly need new shocks. Start paying attention now, because this may start gradually and then worsen  over time until they are really bad. In fact, if you wait too long you can  damage other parts and components of you car.

A second way to check your shock’s life  is to physically look under your car  or truck. For a truck or van you may not be able to see them. In this  case you will need to push on the bumper and follow the steps the same  as you are physically looking at them. They  will bounce. Two or three bounces they are  fine. If they continue to oscillate, then they need replacing.


As stated earlier, the reason it is so important to replace worn out shocks is because they are responsible for keeping your tires in contact  with the road. If you are driving down a rough road and the wheels are bouncing up and down, worn shocks will actually allow the wheels to  completely lose contact with the roadway. Considering that your tires are the only thing separating you from the road, this can be especially dangerous  if you hit a dip or a bump during a high speed corner. Good shocks will  also help to minimize body roll, also very important during cornering.

If you think that your shocks may be worn and just can’t figure it out on your own, swing by and we’ll take a look at them. Then we can recommend the right ones for your Dallas Buick or GMC.

Audio Upgrade advice for Dallas GMCs and Buicks

To be perfectly fair here, Buicks and GMCs actually come with some fantastic audio choices, but we do have our customers who spend so much time in their vehicle, they want the best aftermarket stereo their money can buy.  Now you’re looking to upgrade.  Obviously, due to all the technological advancements in vehicles, shopping for aftermarket car audio accessories isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Before you head out over to Freeman Grapevine, read these tips:

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  • Know what size components fit your vehicle without major adjustments: Most aftermarket car electronic manufacturers have guidelines to help you find the correct radio and speakers to fit YOUR vehicle. 
  • Shop during non busy times, which typically are weekday mornings. When visiting your local aftermarket car accessory shop try to swing by during slower times.  This will give you the most time to ask questions and test out the audio equipment.
  • What are your goals? Are you okay with adding subwoofers and losing valuable storage space?  Do you simply want to use existing speaker locations but have a better-sounding system or do you want something more than that?
  • Appearance: If you’re leasing your vehicle, you need to make sure to install car audio that won’t change the vehicle’s appearance and can be easily removed.  Also, is theft a concern for you?  If so, consider keeping a more generic look to help prevent burglary.
  • Budget: Make sure to shop with a budget in mind.  But remember, you’re not going to get the highest quality car audio from a low end unit.  Also, you can often add on as time goes on, and your budget allows.
  • Brand: Is brand name important to you?  Are brands like Kicker, Pioneer, Rockford, Clarion, JVC or Farenheit ones you’d prefer to have?  Then make sure you find a shop that sells those brands.

These are some of the things to remember when shopping for your car audio system.  If you have questions and want to talk to experts, just swing Freeman Grapevine.   We’ll help you find the best car audio for your vehicle.

When is it time for a new car Fort Worth?

dallas Buick Dealer, Dallas GMC Dealer, dallas GMC Truck, dallas new car, dallas Used Car, dallas Used Truck, dfw driving, financing, GMC Dealer, GMC TruckLike most, you may have a special relationship with your car. I know I do. I love my truck! It only stands to reason that when the time for a change comes it may become difficult when it’s time to part with it. Heck, you may even be in denial that it is even time to part with it.  If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should start to consider a new car or not, take the quick quiz below by answer yes or no to each question below to see if you should be in the market for a new car or if the one you’re currently driving is just fine:

  1. Is it hard to find parts for your car when repairs are needed? Spending hours on the phone or the Internet tracking down a part to your car is big waste of time, but necessary if you need to drive.  If you take your car to your trusted mechanic and even they are having a hard time finding parts then time may up on your car.
  2. Do you find yourself putting more money into your car than your car is even worth?  Sure, in your mind your car may be a classic, but if your car is costing you more than what’s it worth it’s time to revisit basic accounting before you get yourself further in the red.
  3. Do you trust your vehicle? If you get into your car and are just not sure if it will get you to the place you need to be without any problems, you need one that you do trust. No one likes being broken down in the road. It’s dangerous, a waste of time and just frustrating.
  4. Is your car safe? If you were to get into an accident do you think your vehicle could protect you with airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control which are all pretty much standard on today’s cars.
  5. Will your vehicle pass the emissions test? Cars that close to or older than 15 years old have less of chance passing emissions testing. And just about every state has some sort of emissions testing that their vehicle needs to pass in order for it to be legally on the road.

In my opinion, if you answered yes to even one question, then I would highly suggest putting a new car purchase in the budget. Of course you don’t have to buy brand new, a used car is new car to the new owner.  The bottom-line is that you need to be safe in your car and be able to trust that it can get you from point A to point B without any problems. And if you do have problems you don’t want to be sinking a lot of cash into something that doesn’t give a return, especially if you’re going to be running into more and more problems.

Come by Freeman Grapevine today, we’d love to help determine if your current car is just getting to old. And if so, we have a lot of new and used cars for you to take a look at.

Dallas – Fort Worth: The new 2012 Buick Enclave in a Nutshell

2012 Buick Enclave, dallas Buick Dealer, Dallas GMC Dealer, dallas GMC Truck, dallas new car, dallas Used Car, dallas Used Truck, dfw driving, financing, GMC Dealer, GMC Truck,Even though the Buick Enclave may not have changed much since its introduction back in 2008, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking a closer look at if you’re in the market for a big, comfy crossover with third-row seating and a touch of luxury.

The vehicle is based on the same platform, which is used in vehicles like the GMC Acadia, Chevrolet Traverse, and former Saturn Outlook, and is capable of carrying up to eight people. The Buick is the most luxurious of the lot, and has a starting price of around $36,600.

For that money you get a 3.6-liter V-6 with 288 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque on tap, sending drive to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.
Fuel economy for the 2012 Buick Enclave checks in at 17/24 city/highway mpg for front-wheel drive models and dips to 16/22 city/highway mpg if you use the all-wheel drive option.

Also, Buick has decided to do away with the CX and CXL trim level names and badging for 2012. Instead, there are new equipment packages including 1SB (Enclave Base), 1SD (Convenience), 1SL (Leather) and 1SN (Premium).

Although this is something we don’t really need to use in Dallas Fort Worth, but a new hill-start assist feature has also been added for 2012, preventing the vehicle from rolling back on steep inclines by leaving the brakes on for 1.5 seconds after the driver lifts off the brake pedal. This is a great feature for all of our friends in the Texas hill country.

Other new features include a new electronic pedal override feature that reduces engine power when the brake and accelerator pedals are depressed at the same time, as well as a power outlet added to the center console.

As mentioned, the Enclave features third-row seating and unlike many of its rivals most adults will find the third row hospitable. Interior volume even with the third-row seat in place is 24.1 cubic feet, rising to more than 115 cubic feet when the second- and third-row seats are folded forward.

Finally, the Enclave’s crash scores have remained excellent even as testing criteria have changed–just what you want for carrying around your most precious cargo. The IIHS calls it a Top Safety Pick; the NHTSA gives it five stars overall, with a four-star rating for front and a five-star rating for side impacts.

Come and take a test drive on the new 2012 Buick Encalve at your Dallas Fort Worth Buick dealer, Freeman Grapevine today.

Texas Laws Cracking Down On Cell Use In Cars

Freeman Grapevine knows that one of the most recently developed and dangerous habits that drivers do is talking, or texting while driving. Arlington, TX knows it. Apparently they are cracking down hard on using your cell while driving.  There are electronic signs placed in high traffic areas warning drivers that it is now illegal to text and drive in Arlington. Apparently, with more information coming out on the amount of accidents and fatalities caused by using your phone while driving, law enforcement offices across the country have stepped up efforts to cut down on phone use while driving.  Last year, a pilot program was started in New York and Connecticut to see if high visibility enforcement of these laws to stop drivings from continuing these practices.

Results have come back from these programs, and they look to be very promising.  Consumer Reports has a story about the program, and the results that have come from them.

A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that after four enforcement waves, running for a year starting in April 2010, hand-held cell phone use while driving dropped 57 percent in Hartford and 32 percent in Syracuse. Texting while driving declined 72 percent in Hartford and 32 percent in Syracuse. (The difference may be partially attributed to New York state’s texting law being a secondary offense, meaning police must pull over the driver for another offense, whereas in Connecticut it is a primary offense.) This information was determined through cell phone use observed by NHTSA before and after each wave.

The government agency also surveyed the public on their knowledge of the distracted driving program and found that awareness of the main “Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other” slogan increased from 5 percent before to 54 percent after the waves in Hartford and 5 percent before and 29 percent after in Syracuse. After the program, 71 percent of respondents in Hartford heard about the stepped up police enforcement and 76 percent in Syracuse.

After the one-year program, Syracuse police issued 9,587 tickets to drivers who were talking or texting on cell phones behind the wheel and police in Hartford issued 9,658 tickets.

This program may be implemented across the country, so be sure that you know the consequences if you are caught driving while texting or talking.

All of us here at Freeman Grapevine are serious about driving safety. You can’t pay attention to the road if you are paying attention to your phone. Be smart.

Freeman Grapevine: DFW Winter Driving tips

So far, this winter has been fairly moderate, but it’s still just the beginning and here in Texas, particularly Dallas and Fort Worth, cars fall easy prey to our sudden cold snaps. So, in keeping with the Boy Scouts motto, “Always Be Prepared” here’s just a little refresher on driving in foul Winter weather.

For those not used to navigating ice and snow covered roads, which is ALL of us, this can be, with little, doubt the most dangerous driving time of the year. Even those of you that have been raised in the Northern and Midwest states could take a few minutes and reflect upon some good safety tips and make sure we keep our precious cargo safe.

Getting Winter Ready

  1. Check you fluids — It is very important to have a well supplied anti-freeeze  resorvoir in cold weather. Wiper fluid is also often consumed in large quantities, and don’t just use water or it will freeze on you.
  2. Tires and Brakes – A good set of well tread tires can be the difference of being in the ditch or safely on the asphalt. Pressure must be kept up as well, since cold weather promotes flatter tires. Anti-lock brakes are the best for winter, but you should always have good brake pads for icy stops.
  3. Wipers- Nothing beats a set of maintained wipers in a blizzard or sleet storm. Rain-X is also a valid choice for extreme climate conditions.
  4. Battery and Engine — Good clean battery posts and a good charged battery are a must when starting in cold weather. Engine tune-ups and regular oil changes also are a must for reliable winter travel.


But that’s not all folks, there are a few other key points to remember.

  • Stay home if you can, as there is no substitution for safety
  • Know your route — research road closures and delays
  • Have plenty of fuel — this will provide much needed warmth
  • Have a well stocked safety kit — flashlights, jumper cables, water, etc
  • Cell phone – communications are important when stranded
  • Drive safely — keep plenty of space between you and cars or obstacles

You can stay safe during these winter months! See Freeman Grapevine with questions and feel free to share your driving experiences.

Freeman Grapevine: “I don’t think my New Car is Upside Down?

At Freeman Grapevine, we get asked all of the time by new car buyers: “What does it mean to be “upside down” on your new car?” Well, simple put, you owe more than the car is worth.

The first step to getting out of this crazy situation is to understand that you are not alone. Roughly 30% of people in the United States are in similar situations, and what’s more is that many of these people are in this situation from the get go. That’s right…almost the moment they drive off of the lot. Sometime you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do when you need a new car.

Now that you know you are not alone, the next step is to take stock of what your current options are.

One of the more common strategies people use to get out of such situations is to try and sell the car. Unfortunately, unless you are able to sell the car for what you owe, you are still responsible to pay the loan in full, regardless of who actually owns the car. Another common strategy is to trade in the car that is upside down for a new vehicle. While this may get you out from under one inverted car loan, it is going to put you right back under another one.

This is great advice:


The best thing you can do is finish paying that car off and then sell it or use it as a trade. If you are upside down, you are probably going to want some guidance as to how you can get back on your feet. That’s where Freeman Grapevine can help.

Does anyone have a suggestion or service they can recommend?