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Freeman Grapevine: DFW Winter Driving tips

So far, this winter has been fairly moderate, but it’s still just the beginning and here in Texas, particularly Dallas and Fort Worth, cars fall easy prey to our sudden cold snaps. So, in keeping with the Boy Scouts motto, “Always Be Prepared” here’s just a little refresher on driving in foul Winter weather.

For those not used to navigating ice and snow covered roads, which is ALL of us, this can be, with little, doubt the most dangerous driving time of the year. Even those of you that have been raised in the Northern and Midwest states could take a few minutes and reflect upon some good safety tips and make sure we keep our precious cargo safe.

Getting Winter Ready

  1. Check you fluids — It is very important to have a well supplied anti-freeeze  resorvoir in cold weather. Wiper fluid is also often consumed in large quantities, and don’t just use water or it will freeze on you.
  2. Tires and Brakes – A good set of well tread tires can be the difference of being in the ditch or safely on the asphalt. Pressure must be kept up as well, since cold weather promotes flatter tires. Anti-lock brakes are the best for winter, but you should always have good brake pads for icy stops.
  3. Wipers- Nothing beats a set of maintained wipers in a blizzard or sleet storm. Rain-X is also a valid choice for extreme climate conditions.
  4. Battery and Engine — Good clean battery posts and a good charged battery are a must when starting in cold weather. Engine tune-ups and regular oil changes also are a must for reliable winter travel.


But that’s not all folks, there are a few other key points to remember.

  • Stay home if you can, as there is no substitution for safety
  • Know your route — research road closures and delays
  • Have plenty of fuel — this will provide much needed warmth
  • Have a well stocked safety kit — flashlights, jumper cables, water, etc
  • Cell phone – communications are important when stranded
  • Drive safely — keep plenty of space between you and cars or obstacles

You can stay safe during these winter months! See Freeman Grapevine with questions and feel free to share your driving experiences.