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My Latest Experience With Dallas Fort Worth Driving

It’s time for me to get up on my soapbox again and remind everyone that driving like an idiot…yes, an idiot…in your Dallas Fort Worth car, really gets my goat. Especially when that driving results in a hit and run which I witnessed. The other night I was driving home in the slow lane, probably going about 70, like everybody else. Traffic was light, but there were several vehicles around me in the various lanes. Suddenly, one of those “people” (you know who you are) in a big pickup truck came up doing at least 90. He tried to thread the needle, you know what I mean. Well, he didn’t “get ‘er done”. He slammed into a pickup truck in the middle lane, just in front of me. Burning rubber smell, sparks flying, both trucks swerving around. Luckily they both held it together. The truck that got hit got in the slow lane to exit, but amazingly enough the perpetrator truck showed no sign of slowing down or exiting. I pulled up next to the hit truck and saw a woman, shaken but OK, so I sped up and got next to the perp. I wrote down his license plate number. Eventually he exited. I got off the next exit and called the Lewisville PD. They thanked me, told me they were already on it and took my info.

The point of this whole thing is, people who weave in and out of traffic in cars, trucks or motorcycles are idiots and potential murderers and if you do it you are a bad person and there are no two ways about it. The highway is not a game. Your personal desire to go fast for whatever reason is a dangerous weakness you should address. You aren’t the only person on the road, and it is your responsibility to keep not just yourself safe, but also everyone else you come in contact with on the road.

This type of driving behavior is unacceptable. This was a case of hit an run, pure and simple. At your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, we take everyone’s safety very seriously. My rant is over, but if you’d like to leave one of your own in the comments section, feel free.