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Hurricane Sandy Flooded Cars Make Way Across Nation

OK, here’s the deal Dallas Fort Worth. Hurricane Sandy really did a number on the Northeast. The chances of many of the cars which were flooded out being sold for salvage is pretty high. If you are looking at purchasing a used car in the coming months be wary. If you don’t think that a flooded car from the Northeast can make its way to Texas, think again. In fact, those selling salvaged vehicles are going to do everything they can to get the vehicle as far away from the flood zones as possible as to not draw suspicion.

So, how can you check to see if a Dallas Fort Wroth used car you are looking to purchase has been flooded? Check the video below for some  good tips.


Of course, your best bet is to bring the car to a certified technician for a thorough inspection. The bottom line is that if you suspect that a car has been in a flood, DON’T BUY IT! Also, don’t just assume that all of the flooded car up north are going to stay there, there is a good chance that they will make their way as salvages across the country.

If you plan on buying a used car in Dallas or Fort Worth, be aware that you could be purchasing a previously flooded vehicle. So, if you want to just avoid all of the hassle, just come see your Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine. We will not buy, nor sell a car that has previously been flooded.

Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween is just a couple of days away and that means the kids are going to be out in droves. If you must drive your Dallas Fort Worth Buick or GMC, take extra special care this holiday season ans the kids are going to be excited and safety is probably the last thing on their mind.

Of course it’s parent’s responsibility to make sure that their kids are save while trick-or-treating, but it’s also yours if you plan to be out on the roads. Remember, take it extra slow in the neighborhoods and suburbs. Don’t just expect kids to be using the corners to cross at, they can come from anywhere.


Like the video said, if you can avoid driving at all, that would be the best thing, but if you must drive, keep an extra vigilant watch for kids and parents as they enjoy their Halloween evening Trick or Treating.

This was just another friendly reminder from your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About How Gas Is Made, Dallas

Well since I did a post on the life-cycle of a drop of fuel yesterday, I figured that we ought to show you exactly how gasoline is made. Did you know that 800,000,000 vehicles crowd our busy road ways? How can you keep that many cars on the road? A healthy supply of crude oil, a fossil fuel that formulates the cornerstone of gasoline. This video is fantastic if you ever wondered where and how gasoline is made…and wouldn’t you know it, it all started here in Texas.

Pretty much everything you wanted to know about gas right? Did you see that lab? It seemingly takes hundreds of people just to produce a single drop of gas for your car…no wonder it’s so expensive.

Follow The Gasoline Trail, Dallas Fort Worth

Have you ever wondered how a drop of gasoline spends its “life” after being deposited into the gas tank of your vehicle? Well here’s a nostalgic film from  the 30’s that explains the route gas follows through your engine and how it generates power. Of course, fuel economy and technology has advanced greatly since then, but the fundamental principles are the same. Take a look:

Thought this was an old video, it did a great job of explaining to the public how their cars worked. Not that it was a mystery, but it was more of an attempt to teach people about their vehicles which in turn I’m sure was responsible for America’s love affair with the car. If you have any links to vintage car videos you’d like to share, just add them to the comments section below. Freeman Grapevine is always looking for fun and interesting car talk.

Do You Know How A Muffler Works?

If you’ve ever heard a car engine running without a muffler, you probably feel that your ear drums are perforating. Well, folks, that’s not good for your Fort Worth Buick GMC. The muffler of your automobile place a vital role in cancelling out the obnoxious and unpleasant tones your engine makes.

So how does a muffler work? Inside a muffler, you’ll find a deceptively simple set of tubes with some holes in them. Think of these tubes and chambers as finely tuned as a musical instrument. What they do is reflect sound waves produced by the engine as to actually cancel each other out. Think about noise cancellation headphones, if you’ve ever tried a pair on, hey actual create a frequency that you can hear, but is designed in such a way to cover external noise.

Check out the video below for the ins and outs of muffler operation from the muffler kings at Flowmaster.


You’ll be able to tell if you have a hole or a bad muffler because it will be LOUD. It won’t sound like the finely tuned engine that it should. If you suspect that you have muffler issue, don’t hesitate to bring it to Freeman Grapevine and we’ll get that irritating and overwhelming noise under control.

It’s OK, We All Have Electrical Issues

Own a DFW car? At some point, whether you like it or not, you are going to have to have some electrical repair made. Things just wear out, and it’s not just the mechanical pieces of your car either.  Today’s cars are very complicated and are as much computers as they are vehicles. Freeman Grapevine has the knowledge to diagnose and fix any type of electrical issue.

The electrical systems in new cars have definitely made driving a lot easier over the decades. The seemingly endless innovations in electrical systems have helped us enjoy a more comfortable and easier drive. However,  problems can sometimes arise. Let’s cover some of the issues that you could face with your new vehicle’s electrical system:

Common Automobile Electrical System Problems Are :

Car’s Battery Is Dead – This is the most common problem…and most obvious. Check your battery by engaging your headlights and judge by the illumination.

No Power Stored in the Battery – When you turn the key, what do you hear? A little click? Does it sound like it want’s to turn over? It is possible that your car’s battery does not have ample power to crank the starter. You need a new battery.

Alternator is Not Working – A damaged or broken alternator could be the culprit. No alternator? No battery recharge. If your car suddenly start to lose “juice” while drive, you’ll know it could be your new car’s alternator.

Problem with Starter or Solenoid – Good parts gone bad parts. If it’s the starter, it won’t turn over. If you have Solenoid issues, you might find it harder to brake.

Battery Cables Might Be The Problem – A loose cable might be the root of the problem…give them a wiggle before you run out and buy a replacement.

Electrical Fuses – Check for any blown fuses in your fuse box. Also, feel around for any loose wires.

Cracks In Alternator Belt – Too much or too little tension, as well as cracks in the alternator belt cause trouble.

Ignition System Has Problems – You have a busted ignition switch. Give your mechanic a call.

Loose Spark Plugs – Loose or old plugs will certainly affect the operation of your vehicle. Are you loosing power as gears change? Does it lurch as if the gears aren’t engaging? It might be the internal combustion and the culprit is usually the plugs and cables.

Now these are just guidelines you can crosscheck with a Freeman Grapevine Service Consultant any issue you might have experienced. I you can talk with your mechanic about your new car logically by doing a little research, you help him help you even faster. Just give us a call, Freeman Grapevine, to set up an appointment.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Dealer What The Release of the iPhone5 Will Mean For Cars

Today we had some big news in the technology world with the release of the iPhone5. Incidentally, by the time you read this, my post will be well know history, and probably totally obsolete…So, the new iPhone 5 came out today and amidst all of the hullabaloo, some automotive news came along with it.

With cars like Hyundai and Scion who have models hardwired with a 30 pin connector to their decks, or Audis and BMWs who have ingrained 30 pin cradles you are going to also get an adapter. That’s right, Apple has changed it’s charging system to their new Lightening connector and that means the above mentioned cars, and many others, will have to also purchase and adapter so you can marry your new iPhone5 to your car’s audio capabilities.

The adapter will cost $29 and the old 30 pin connector port seems to dwarf the new Lightening port.


Who’s anxiously awaiting the new release of the iPhone5 later this month? Tell your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine what you think about your phone.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC: What Age Is Too Old To Drive

All of us here at your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine, know that driving is one of the very last freedoms it seems we’ll enjoy as we get older. The thought of losing autonomy by having to relinquish our driver’s licenses can be scary fro some, and down right infuriating for others.

Everyone always talks about what the minimum driving age is, but is there a maximum?  Do you have a parent or know a friend’s parent who is a little older and isn’t the safest driver?

I read an article from AOL Autos, which lists some warning signs of senior drivers.  Take a look:

Warning Signs: 20 Things To Look For In Elderly Drivers

• Decrease in confidence while driving
• Difficulty turning to see when backing up
• Easily distracted while driving
• Other drivers often honk horns
• Hitting curbs
• Scrapes or dents on the car, mailbox or garage
• Increased agitation or irritation when driving
• Failure to notice traffic signs or important activity on the side of the road
• Trouble navigating turns
• Driving at inappropriate speeds
• Uses a “copilot”
• Bad judgment making left turns
• Delayed response to unexpected situations
• Moving into wrong lane or difficulty maintaining lane position
• Confusion at exits
• Ticketed moving violations or warnings
• Getting lost in familiar places
• Car accident
• Failure to stop at stop sign or red light
• Stopping in traffic for no apparent reason

Are there other warning signs you’d recommend looking for?  Have you ever had to tell your parent that it’s not safe for them to drive any more?  Please share here your thought here. Freeman Grapevine is concerned about all drivers across Texas and the US and would like to hear your opinion on this topic.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC: Do Shock Tactics Work In Teaching Kids To Drive

For those of you who have you have kids, if they aren’t already, they will be driving before you know it, and hopefully it’s a Freeman Grapevine car. As is usually the case for our new batch of young drivers, they’ll be attending a driver’s education course. Now, driver’s ed has changed drastically in the past 60 years. There has been more of a shift from shock education…remember all of those horrific videos they’d show to kids about the dangers of driving. Check out the one I found from the 50’s below.


These days, driver’s education is more real world and scenario driven, as opposed to the shock and awe of past driving classroom videos. Which do you think is a better technique? Do shock tactics really deter kids from making bad decisions behind the wheel? Does focusing on real world scenarios seem to achieve better results, or does it neglect the inherent dangers and responsibilities of driving? Are kids too desensitized with images they see in the media to even take notice?

Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC dealer, Freeman Grapevine takes driver’s education seriously and hopes that all new young drivers do the same.

Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC: Getting Pulled Over Without Your License

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Here’s the deal, and the same holds true in any traffic stop situation: be polite, up front and courteous. If you are all of the above, the attending officer will likely be the same. Be up front about not having your license immediately. Don’t waste the officers time, or he’ll probably end up wasting yours. Plus it is a good display of honest and respect for the Officer.

Let’s say you didn’t leave your license at home but are driving after you’ve had yours suspended. What do you do? Again, be up front. The attending officer is going to find out anyway, so just tell him immediately that you are driving on a suspended license. If you are lucky, you will get out of there with just a citation. Make it difficult for the attending officer and the only way you will be leaving is in the back of his cruiser.

Check out this video for the right way to interact with the police in regards to your missing license.


The bottom line is that your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC Dealer, Freeman Grapevine suggests that you be up front with the officer that has pulled you over. Chances are if you made a mistake and left it at home, he’ll let you off with a warning. However, if you aren’t up front with him or her, your situation may end up being less than pleasant.