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Noisy Front End, You May Need A Wheel Hub Replacement

If you have a noisy front end suspension, shaking steering wheel or hear a low growling noise you may need to have your hub bearing assembly examined and replaced. Let me say right off the bat, that this is not something you should ignore, or let go. We want you to know that if you do, it can cause further damage and a possible catastrophic failure of your steering system.

Before assuming that you have a hub bearing assembly problem, you’ll first want to verify the source of the noise. Often noise can be caused by newly paved or uneven roads, tire pattern or uneven tire wear caused by other suspension issues. This makes diagnosing a faulty hub bearing assembly tough sometimes.

What exactly is a hub bearing assemble? It’s basically bearing mounted inside the hub which is attached to the axle and keeps the wheels spinning smoothly.


A worn, or faulty hub bearing assembly is nothing to take lightly, as it could result in the loss of steering, a total separation of the wheel which will result in an accident. If you are hearing any noise coming from your front end and you aren’t sure what it is, we suggest that you bring it in to us, Freeman Grapevine, for further diagnosis and inspection.