Now you can join in on the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo program without owning a Bronco

One of the perks of picking up a new Ford Bronco is the complimentary Off-Roadeo program, which is a 10-hour off-road school for new owners. But that was the only way to join in on the fun, until now. Ford has opened up the program at three locations with shortened programs for non-owners so that they can experience off-roading, as well as the big Bronco SUV.

The new program is shortened to four hours compared to the owner version, but is otherwise similar to the full thing. Participants get to drive the big Bronco at famous off-road locations with guidance from trail experts, and they get the same access to the main basecamp locations and provided amenities such as snacks. The other main difference is that Ford provides the Bronco for off-roading, rather than participants using the SUV they just purchased.

While participants may not have their own Bronco for this experience, Ford is definitely hoping that they might pick one up after. According to a Ford representative, just over 8% of guests to the regular events ended up buying a new Ford not long after, and 63% of those purchases were Broncos.

Since this public Off-Roadeo program doesn’t involve buying a Bronco, Ford does have a fee to join in. The company charges $795 per vehicle, and that includes the driver and up to three guests. Drivers must be at least 18 years old with valid drivers’ license to book a reservation and drive in the program. Up to three guests can come, and they must be at least 12 years old. Guests can drive also, but unless they book a vehicle separately, your time will be split up among all the drivers in the vehicle. For an extra $75, you can get a damage waiver that will limit the costs you’re liable for in the event of some crash to $3,500. And there are three locations open to the public: Mt. Potosi, Las Vegas; Moab, Utah; Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Ford is taking reservations now.

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