What do you know about your new car’s cabin air filter?

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Again, many car owners probably don’t even know that a cabin air filter even exists, let alone that it needs to be changed.   Just like at home, the air filter is an essential part of your ventilation system that removes pollutants from the air before you breathe them in.  Years ago, they were designed to prevent solid particles like soot and dust from circulating in your car.  Today with the advancement of technology, air filters also can absorb gases and odors.  You may have heard cabin air filters referred to as dust filters, interior ventilation filters or even pollen filters.

Unfortunately air pollution is a fact of life.  If you drive often, and perhaps mostly on major highways during rush hour, without the air filter, you will breathe air that contains exhaust fumes, dust and soot, which obviously isn’t good for your health.  The air filter prevents those pollutants from entering your Buick or GMC, and allows you to breathe cleaner air.

Watch this video which explains more about car cabin air filters and why & how they’re changed.

If you still aren’t sure how to change your cabin air filter. Just swing by Freeman Grapevine and we can help you out.