Can you Really Drive a manual?

OK. So you put it off long enough. Freeman Grapevine thinks it’s time to fulfill a resolution you should have fulfilled a long time ago. Learning to drive a stick shift. That’s right car enthusiasts, there really are some people out there that still don’t know how to use a clutch, pending they even know what a clutch is. If this is you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The only shame is not learning.

I will admit that I didn’t always know how to drive a manual transmission. It was pretty entertaining at 28 years old to finally be learning how to drive a manual transmission and someone younger than you is teaching you how to do it. Not to mention the fact that I dumped the clutch probably 5 or 6 times before I got the hang of it. I was so close to giving up it wasn’t even funny. I stuck with it cause I knew I needed to learn. I had a lot of friends and family that drove cars with manual transmissions and I kept wondering what would happen if for some reason one day they were hurt and I had to drive their car. What would I do? So as you can see it was mandatory that I learn how to do that.

Have you learned yet?

I found this great video on how to teach yourself how to drive a manual transmission and I think it is very helpful.

Driving a car with manual transmission requires a good balance between engine power and the throttle, as the clutch is pressed to disengage the engine power during gear shifts, and it is gently released while the gas pedal is pressed.

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