Essential Accessories for your New Car

At what point does the driver ACTUALLY look at the road…during the commercials?

There are so many accessories out there for your new car, it’s mind boggling. If you want it, you can probably find it. I’ve put together what I think is the most OBVIOUS list of accessories. So, before you go out and give your car a major face-lift, check out some of these simple options for both visual and practical purposes.

Here are several add-ons for your new car, whether it is a convertible, sedan, pickup, SUV or even an RV:

Bike racks – oftentimes, it is necessary for people to bring or transport their bikes to trails or low traffic areas. As much as they may want to, they cannot really ride anywhere they like. Before, most people have to load up their bikes inside their vehicles in order to transport it, but recently, having a car bike rack or truck bike rack is a great help to transport their bikes much more easily for exercise and fun trips.

Bug shields – do you want to protect your vehicle from damages that would be caused by road debris? Do you want to shield your car’s hood from bug splatters? Installing bug shields or hood shields on your car is the answer! Having custom fitted hood or bug shields is going to make sure that your vehicle will be not become marred or destroyed with pock marks, scratches and splatters caused by small, rough stones, bug juice and garbage that your car would usually encounter on any on or off road drives.

Fender flares – to further enhance the protection on your vehicle, installing fender flares would do the job. Such customization on a pickup truck will also give it an extra striking appearance. You must make sure that the fender flare to be installed must match perfectly with your truck’s appearance and follow its contours and lines as sleekly as possible so that it would look like it had been factory installed.

Uh, ok? Does it double as a plane too?

Not only do fender flares enhance the styling of your vehicle, it also makes sure that your vehicle’s front and rear wheels are protected from road debris like water, mud, snow, rock chips, and other elements.

Gas cans – do you want to save up on gasoline? Given the sporadic rise of gasoline prices nowadays, many people now practice buying gasoline at discount prices and store them up for later use. For you to do such practice, make sure that you securely transport your fuel from the gas station to your home’s storage area.

First, you need a gas can that is approved by OSHA – those types which have features that would prevent spills and spews of gas fumes. Furthermore, make sure not to store the gasoline for too long especially if your storage area is not in optimal condition. Fuel stabilizers can be a great help.

This is an initial list of the essential auto accessories that you may want to have in your vehicle. Make sure that you look up a worthy and well-known manufacturer of these accessories before purchasing. Of course, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment or contact me here.