Buick’s Apple CarPlay

smoothgroover22, Flickr Creative Commons
smoothgroover22, Flickr Creative Commons

Buick has just announced at the C3 Connected Car Conference in New York that in 2016 all models of the Buick Regal and Lacrosse will be offered with Apple CarPlay, which will integrate smartphone technology through Buick’s IntelliLink System. This will allows hands-free voice communication, text communication, navigation, as well as entertainment options to be displayed on the eight inch IntelliLink panel.

“Buick understands the importance of connectivity integration in everyday life and this new connection technology provides drivers with a smart and simple way to have all the conveniences of their mobile devices safely at their fingertips,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Buick. “It’s another step in building and implementing technology that consistently puts our customers first.”

Apple CarPlay allows iPhone features to be displayed on the eight inch (diagonal) screen for quicker safer access during driving and can either be accessed by touchscreen or by voice vis Siri. There are also steering wheel mounted buttons to assist in interacting with this innovative technology. The goal of course maintaining connectivity in the vehicle in the safest, and most situationally aware capacity possible.

We’ve all seen the statistics for distracted driving-caused accidents, and the fact of the matter is the world is not becoming less connected. So Buick and Apple are striving to allow you to be connected, and at the same time focused on the task at hand which is arriving to your destination safely and ready to go.

From a more recreational standpoint, the interconnectivity of your iPhone with Buick’s ApplePlay technology will allow you to have hands free navigation service where ever you may wish to drive. Won’t it be nice to be able to drive through Yellowstone or Yosemite without worrying about getting lost and wasting precious vacation time worrying about getting to your destination?

Buick and ApplePlay at your service.