Not just another Texting and Driving Article

texting and driving apps, grapevine cars, gmc fort worth, dealerships dfw, buick dealer, GMC dealer, used cars dfw, used cars fort worthI’ve written at least 3 articles in regards to texting and driving, so there’s no need to rehash everything I’ve already said. This post is actually about apps available for your smart phone device. I found this list while doing my research for this blog, so if you find something you can add here, please leave me a comment below.

Anyway, these are the apps I found that I hope you will look into to curb your phone use while driving: (Free)

This BlackBerry app called reads your incoming text messages and emails to you thanks to its text to speech functionality. You can even create customizable auto-responses for your outgoing messages.

On the Move (Free)

This Android app, called On the Move, was developed to deter avid texters from checking their screens while driving. Acting as an auto-reply tool when you receive a message, On the Move tells the texter that you’re driving with a customized alert.

Otter ($4)

Not only does the Android-based Otter send auto replies to texters when you’re on the road, but you can also build custom quick responses, so you don’t waste time fumbling to text back on your small virtual or QWERTY keyboard.

ShoutOut ($1)

Called ShoutOut, this iPhone app dictates your speech to a text message, then sends it along to your chosen recipient. This app comes with a per-text cost though, with 50 voice-to-text messages costing $2, and 250 voice texts setting you back $5.

Type n Walk ($1)

Meant more for walkers than drivers, the Type n Walk app works with other apps and programs on your iPhone to give you a view of where you’re going so you can stare at your phone all the time. This way, you won’t run into telephone poles, mailboxes, and you know, other people.

Sprint’s Drive First App

Available for $2 a month in the third half of 2011, the Sprint Drive First App will lock up your phone while driving and route all calls to voicemail. Additionally, it will block all text message alerts and send an auto response saying the driver is unavailable, but still give you access to three main contacts, three apps, and GPS.

Again, I don’t want to get on my soapbox again about distracted driving, but if that text is so important that you just can’t stop yourself from texting and driving, I suggest you look into getting one of the apps mentioned above.

Of course, when you get into that fender bender because you were texting and rear-ended the car that suddenly stopped in front of you, you can always bring it into Freeman Grapevine…we see a lot of these types of accidents.