What Makes Your Car Sexy?

Rex Gray, Flikr Creative Commons

What makes your car sexy? Shape, form, color, aesthetics, ergonomics, economy, brute strength, clever technology, brand, implications of status, practicality, modernity, or the classic era it was born in? What is it about your car that makes you think other folks say “Ahhhh!” when they see your vehicle? It’s a well known fact that America has had a love affair with the automobile since the day they started rolling off the line, and the above question is one that every auto manufacturer since the very beginning has wrestled with. Maybe not in terms of what makes it “sexy” in that specific term, but if you take all the above ideas and condense them down to a single idea then “sex appeal” would have to be a defining factor in a huge number of automobile purchases.

So how do you define the sex appeal of your car in a broad sense? Because isn’t what makes one auto more attractive to buyers than another as specific as the taste of the individual buyers themselves? That is the risk auto manufacturers take every time they unveil a new model: will the public react positively? One of the celebrated blunders in years past, the legendary lack of sales of the Chevy Nova in Mexico because “No Va” translated roughly to “It Does Not Go” in Spanish, actually didn’t happen but it’s so well known it actually serves as a warning to manufacturers of the unintended consequences of the tiniest detail. Sometimes it’s just as simple as the lines of the fenders, the sound of the motor at idle, or the design of the rims. For other folks the bottom line is the sexiest thing, miles per gallon, efficiency, and simplicity mean more to them than horsepower or paint job. To each their own and according to their need!