Combating Highway Hypnosis

The idea of traveling long distances is a good one. Packing up your suitcase, getting your dogs in the car, then hitting the road. Driving across the state, or even across the country is one of America’s past-times. But there’s one thing that will end your vacation quickly: highway hypnosis. After an extended period of time out on the road, seeing the cars drive by, and staring at the road in front of you,¬†even the most experienced drivers¬†tend to get dreary and sleepy. Highway hypnosis is dangerous because you could very easily drift into another lane, or off the road completely, and we don’t want to think about what happens then. Here are a few ways to combat that sleepy feeling.

1. Sing Along With The Radio

If you find yourself getting dreary, crank up the radio and belt out your best rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing“. It puts your mind to work in areas other than driving. You won’t be taking your eyes off the road, but your brain will be jolted back to life and you’ll be more alert.

2. Take A Break

It’s good to get out of the car and walk around for a bit. Maybe you could make a phone call and walk around a store for a few minutes, just to get your blood flowing. If you’re running low on gas, it’s time to fill up and take a break.

3. Avoid Heavy Meals

There’s a reason everyone takes a nap on Thanksgiving. It’s because we eat so much. Our bodies are using energy to digest the massive amounts of food we just put into our bodies. In turn, that makes us tired and sleepy. If you’re heading out for an extended trip, avoid the heavy meals that make us want to pull over and take a nap.

4. Roll the Windows Down

If the weather’s nice enough, you can always roll your windows down and give your senses something more to focus on. The smell of the outside, and the wind rushing in will give you a lift and you’ll be more awake.

Next time you’re traveling, be sure to remember these tips.