Take The Pledge To End Texting and Driving

Photo courtesy of ItCanWait.com

I know I talk about this a lot, but I think it bears repeating until we can get a grasp on the problem. Texting and driving accidents are at the highest point they’ve ever been and we need an intervention to help us stop the madness. AT&T has created a campaign to get drivers all over the country to pledge not to text and drive.

ItCanWait.com is a great resource for showing you how to create the shortcut “#X” so you can quickly tell someone that you’re about to be on the road and that you’ll get back with them in due time. AT&T has also created a couple of different apps to help you keep your eyes on the road and not answering texts or phone calls. One of them is the DriveMode app (available for Androids), in which all incoming calls and texts are silenced, no phone calls can be made and text messages cannot be sent out. Thereby, keeping your eyes on the road!

There are also plenty of other driving apps available, for both IOS and Android phones, that render your phone inoperable while you’re behind the wheel.

We hear about it on a daily basis, here at Freeman Grapevine and we really wish we didn’t. Not only are you at risk when you text and drive, but you’re also putting everyone on the road at risk, as well.

Check out this video for the “#X” pledge and visit the website today!