The Buick Regal GS throws its hat in the racing ring

grapevine cars, gmc fort worth, dealerships dfw, buick dealer, GMC dealer, used cars dfw, used cars fort worthWho would have thought that you’d ever see a Buick Regal involved in a competitive race, but that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Nevertheless, GM will be running a nearly stock Regal GS in the Silver State Classic Challenge. This bi-annual race is an open road rally run on a remote, two-lane, 90-mile section of the Silver State’s Highway 318. It’s common for cars to top 200 mph, but given the GS theoretical top speed of 152 mph, it will be competing against 30 to 40 other cars in the 120-mph speed class.

The only modifications made to the GS will be required safety equipment that includes a roll hoop and five-point belts along with computational equipment for data collection.

Special Note: The car will be driven by GS engineers Bill Rietow and John Townsend.

The GS is the most performance-oriented Regal in Buick’s sport sedan lineup, that is of course if a lineup can consist of a single car.  There’s no doubt that the race will be a thrilling event, but it also serves as an opportunity for Buick to gain invaluable insights about vehicle and engine performance that directly benefit Buick buyers.That’s where the real benefit of putting the Regal through it’s paces comes to life. Don’t be surprised if the engineers at Buick apply a little of their new found track knowledge to future Regal models.


Remember, this isn’t your grandfather’s BuickIt’s a racing beast!