Thank you from Freeman Grapevine and SafeHaven Women’s Shelter

safehaven of tarrant county, domestic violence, grapevine cars, gmc fort worth, dealerships dfw, buick dealer, GMC dealer, used cars dfw, used cars fort worthI’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have answered Freeman Grapevine’s call to support our donation drive for SafeHaven of Tarrant County. We are nearing the end of our donation drive and while we were short on our goal, every dollar counts for this organization.

In 2010, SHTC sheltered over 2,500 adult and child victims and provided non-residential services through our Resource Centers to more than 3,600 other clients seeking emotional, legal and practical support to move from “victim” to “survivor”. Staff and volunteers answered more than 55,000 hotline calls in 2010 total. In addition to protecting victims and creating multiple opportunities to achieve independence and self-sufficiency, SHTC focuses on prevention by educating approximately 31,000 individuals annually. The majority of these are students who learn warning signs of abusive relationships, healthy signs of productive relationships and how to locate resources.


Family violence, especially towards women and children needs to be eradicated, not just in North Texas, but all over the country and the world. Thank you everyone who has supported this donation drive.

If you or anyone you know is in a dangerous situation, there is help available. Contact SafeHaven of Tarrant County 1-877-701-SAFE(7233) if you are in the DFW area.