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Fixing A Radiator Leak

As you may, or may not know, if you fail to change your coolant every 100,000 miles, or 5 years or so, you run the risk of it turning corrosive and actually eating the radiator materials from the inside out. This includes the hoses and heater core. The heater core is basically, for lack of a better description is buried deep in your system and can be considered at the very center of your heating and cooling system. If it breaks down long enough it can cause some serious problems, such as causing a leak within the vehicle itself.

However, if you find that it is a hose, a water pump, or the radiator itself, then you are in luck. That’s an easy replacement, or you may even be able to seal the leak.

Check out the video below for a description on where radiators can leak and what you can do about it on your own.

Now, as was stated in the video, sealing a leak, if you can, is only a temporary fix. You are better off replacing the radiator altogether. If you think you have a radiator leak that needs to be fixed in your Buick, or GMC vehicle, feel free to give Freeman Grapevine a call. You can certainly attempt to replace the radiator on your own. It’s not that time consuming, however, if you aren’t comfortable with mechanics, or haven’t changed a radiator yourself before, you may want to give us a call.