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How To Climb A Hill In The Snow

It doesn’t snow here very often. In fact, this last Christmas was the first white Christmas since 1975 I think. However, here in North Texas, we do get hit with snow from time to time and that snowfall pretty much paralyzes the DFW area. So, do you know how to climb a hill in the snow in your Buick or GMC?

I was talking to a friend who had a real problem getting out of his driveway on Christmas Day due to the snow (ice is a completely different problem). His driveway is a moderate incline which is generally easy to negotiate, however, when you dump a little bit of snow on it, getting out can be a real task.

However, there is a trick from climbing hills in the snow. This trick is primarily for front whee cars as the physics of the vehicle require the tires to pull the car up a hill, and therein lies the trick…turn your front wheel drive Buick or GMC into a rear wheel drive car, truck or SUV by climbing the hill in reverse. Check out the video below so see an example of what I’m talking about.

By going up a snowy hill in reverse, you essentially are moving all of the weight of the car, including the engine, over the front drive tires effectively turning it into a pseudo-rear wheel drive vehicle by going in reverse.

Now, this is just a little tip from Freeman Grapevine. If you can avoid driving in the snow altogether, then that would be ideal. However, if you have to climb a hill in the snow to get to work, or for emergency reasons, try going in reverse. It’s a secret maneuver not many Texans know about.