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Wearing Your Seat Belt Isn’t Just The Law, It’s Your Guardian Angel

Now, I know I’ve posted something similar to this before, but it is certainly worth repeating.

I ran across an accident last evening just out side of Grapevine, Tx and happened to be pulling into a gas station just as the emergency crews were arriving.

Let me first state that it appeared that the driver and her passengers had some minor injuries, but all seemed to be relatively OK. Considering the catastrophic nature of the accident, they are lucky to be alive.

HMMMMM…I what could have prevented them all from being injured seriously or even killed?


Remember, if you are in an accident and aren’t wearing your seat belt, you cease being a passenger and become a dangerous and deadly projectile. You are now required by state law for every passenger even if you are sitting in the back. Wrecking a new car is one thing you can get over, dealing with the aftermath won’t be so easy if there are injuries to you, your passengers or others.

The bottom line is that without use of your belt, you are just waiting to be a statistic. Freeman Grapevine really wants to stress to you that, even though you might not think that anything will ever happen to you, it is that exact type of thinking that causes thousands of needless fatalities due too lack of seat belt use.

Buckle up and Arrive alive.