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Don’t Run Your Fort Worth Buick GMC on “Empty”

Sounds like a pretty hard thing to do, running your Fort Worth Buick GMC on “E”, it’s obvious not to be taken literally, but is referring to the practice of “Istillhaveafewmoremilesleftism”. Yes, I just made that up, but those of you that have it know who you are.

What is running close to empty bad for your Fort Worth Buick GMC?  So what can go wrong? A lot of things!

The fuel-pump motor starts to suck in air when you’re low on gas. This creates unwanted heat which can have negative effects on the fuel pump. In this case, gasoline acts like a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor.

Fixing a fuel pump that has prematurely met it’s end will set you back a couple hundred dollars, that’s a couple hundred dollars you could have saved if you don’t push the limits of your vehicle too often.

Here are some helpful thoughts to keep your attention on your fuel levels:

  • Don’t let your tank less than a quarter tank full
  • To get the most bang for your buck, fill up when it’s coldest (mornings in the summer) and pump slowly
  • Download gas price apps so that you’re not driving all around town
  • Fill up before at the beginning of the work week or before a long trip

Keep an eye on your gas tank and don’t let it get to low!  Also, remember you can see some benefits in the miles per gallon department with regularly scheduled maintenance. Haven’t had your Buick or GMC looked at recently? Call and make an appointment with your Dallas Fort Worth Buick GMC service center.