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Replace the Brake Pads In Your Dallas Fort Worth Buick Or GMC

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What’s the first line of defense in avoiding an accident in your Dallas Fort Worth Buick, or GMC? Your brakes of course. However, they will do little good if they are extremely worn. The good new is that changing your brake pads is a very easy job, even for a novice weekend mechanic. Plus, Freeman Grapevine knows that performing some of your own maintenance will save you some cash, and that’s a good thing.

Did you know that your front brake pads provide up to 70% of vehicle stopping power? that means that your front brake pads wear out twice as fast as rear brake pads. Replacing brake discs can vary depending on the make and model of car or truck, two wheel or four wheel drive. Always replace brake rotors with top quality, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brake rotors, some less expensive brake rotors can squeak and not dissipate heat as well because of their inferior metal quality.

Check out the video below, for a very detailed, step by step How-To instruction on changing your brake pads.


See! It’s not so hard. In fact you can probably do the whole job yourself in about 2 hours even with minimal experience under the hood of your car. However, if you are a little gun shy about working on your Dallas Fort Worth Buick, or GMC, don’t hesitate to bring it by Freeman Grapevine for an evaluation and repair if needed.