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Look Twice For Motorcycles

Two wheels, or four, Freeman Grapevine wants to remind you that you are responsible for sharing the road with motorcyclists. Motorcycle sales have grown in the US, on any given trip you will see at least one or two. But do you really see them? Have you ever been behind a motorcycle and provide a protective rear shield, or do you barrel up to them as if you didn’t even see them. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you haven’t conditioned yourself to look for motorcycles you share the road with. Maybe you don’t look twice before changing lanes. Maybe you don’t use your ears to listen for the rumble of their exhaust. Maybe you should start doing these things.

Now granted there are a few daredevils out there who abuse the freedom that a motorcycle can provide. I’ve seen idiots popping wheelies on the freeway and doing endo stoppies at red lights to show off. Those aren’t the guys I’m writing about. They’re dumb and reckless. I’m talking about the cruisers who are going the speed limit, not weaving in and out of traffic like an imbecile. It’s those motorcycles who seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to driver who isn’t paying attention.

Nearly 40% of all motorcycle accidents are cause by other vehicles turning left in front of motorcycles. Come on people that is unacceptable! Look before you change lanes. The Last line in the video says it all: “when you get in a fender bender in a car, it’s really no big deal. But when you get in a fender bender on a motorcycle, it could be the end of your life.

Freeman Grapevine wants to remind you that your share the road with hundreds of motorcycles a day and it is your responsibility for their well being. Look twice before you change lanes, and listed for exhaust pipes, they may not only save the rider’s life, but also the rest of yours.