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What’s The Difference Between Severe And Ideal Driving Conditions

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What’s the difference between severe and ideal driving conditions? The answer may surprise you. We’re not talking about weather here folks, or even roadway conditions. What we are talking about it how much stress you are putting on your engine through your daily driving habits. For example, what does Start & Stop driving do you the life of your oil, as well as the engine itself when compared to driving longer distances at a constant speed?

There is a long running debate among your average drivers which questions the standard 3,000 mile interval of oil changes. Is it 3,000 miles, is it 5,000 miles? Do you just follow blindly what your owner’s manual tells you. Have you taken into consideration “how” you drive?

Look, some manufacturers vary somewhat in their descriptions of what constitutes severe driving conditions. But as a general rule, a vehicle falls into the sever service category if it experiences any of the following conditions during a typical week of driving:

  • Extensive stop & go driving.
  • Frequent trips under 5 miles
  • Prolonged idling of the engine.
  • Driving in mountainous terrain
  • Operating in cold weather below 10* F (something we don’t need to worry about)
  • Operating in heat above 90* F (something we DO need to worry about)
  • Operating in extreme Humidity
  • Hauling heavy loads

Under any of these conditions, manufacturers usually suggest that the normal interval be cut by anywhere from to one half. Your owner’s manual should list recommended intervals for your particular vehicle under ideal conditions as well as severe driving conditions.

For more information on how to understand the ware and tear that your vehicle may be experience, don’t hesitate to call Freeman Grapevine , or leave a comment below..