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Fort Worth cars interiors are getting a makeover

No doubt that after years of driving in your car, you may have noticed that your interior doesn’t look at clean and nice as it used to. You knew this was going to happen, you may not have thought about it, but you’ve seen the effects of years of use before. Of course I don’t have to  explain as you already know that this happened from sweat, body oils, dirt, food, and foreign liquids (hello, spilled coffee) seeping into your seats, upholstery, and carpeting.  While regular vacuuming and cleaning can go a long way in stopping this problem but let’s face it, it will still happen eventually.  The major problem is that replacing your car’s interior can become very expensive, so what’s a cheaper way to bring that shine and sleekness back in your car?

Freeman Grapevine found some great advice online that has great tips on some accessories you can buy to make your interior look like new.

For individuals who spend most of their time driving to and from events, it’s no wonder you would prefer your vehicle to be a representation of who you are. Whether it’s driving the kids to soccer practice, commuting to and from the workplace, or simply a run to town, adding these car interior accessories is an inexpensive way to show off your style.

A fun and creative method is seat coverings. Not only do they hide stains, tears, or other damages, but they’re an excellent reason to add a new look. There are many varieties available which makes the possibilities endless. Choose a material and color scheme that works for you and simply apply them to your old seats. Fabrics that are comfortable throughout the year are a great idea. Some are even sold in fade resistant varieties. To prevent conflict, measure your seats ahead of time to figure out which size works best.


The carpeting inside your vehicle can be costly to replace. Floor mats are inexpensive and easy to install than new carpet. This is ideal for those who are working with a set budget. They are available in different colors and materials and offer protection against muddy shoes.

To prevent clutter and an overall messy vehicle, you must be organized. There are many products available to assist you with this goal. To keep CD’s safe, place them in a CD case that is designed for this purpose. A holder that attaches to your visor is idea for those who need an easy reach. To prevent spills from drinks, purchase a drink holder. These are available if you are lacking one in your car.

So, be sure to check out some of these solutions for ways to make your interior look good as new.  If you are unsure about how to recondition your interior, or would like some further advice, give Freeman Grapevine a call.