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Find A Bad Wheel Bearing Everytime

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This, quite possibly, is the easiest way to find and diagnose a bad wheel bearing. Let’s say that you know you have a bad wheel bearing because you can year it on the road. However, when you lift it and spin your wheel, you can’t hear it. You must not have a bad wheel bearing. Wait!!! just because you don’t hear it now doesn’t mean you don’t have a bearing issue. Check out the video below.

You are going to have to use feel to determine if you are having a wheel bearing issue. Remember to put your hand on the spring on the strut, you’ll feel a roughness in the spring.

If you think you need help with your wheel bearings, don’t hesitate to call Freeman Grapevine. We’ll put this exact technique to use ourselves with your GM car on the lift. It’s the easiest way to find a bad wheel bearing.