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Pale Blue Smoke From Tailpipe

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Have you been seeing a pale blue smoke coming out of your tailpipe when you start your engine in the morning? The blue color is an indication that oil is being burned in the cylinders. The fact that it occurs only in the morning means you probably have worn valve guide seals that are leaking tiny amounts of oil into the cylinders overnight. It’s a fairly common problem with older vehicles and not necessarily serious as long as the car is not consuming oil between oil changes.

In order to solve this problem, you are going to need to replace the seals. However, you may have another valve problems,and at worst you may have to replace a piston. Let’s be realistic, unless you are a master mechanic, you are going to want it bring it to Freeman Grapevine, or another qualified mechanic. A severe issue may take a few days to diagnose and fix.