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How Bad of a Driver Are You?

How long has it been since you’ve been tested on your driving knowledge? For some of you, it might depend on the last time you took defensive driving. For others, you may have been 16 since the last time you saw a written driver’s exam.

Did you know that for the past five years, GMAC has surveyed 5,000 people across the country with a simple 20 test question test taken from various state driving tests? Probably not, but the test scores will probably make you want to find out more about it. Apparently,  the Northeast had the lowest average test scores at 74.5 percent (Test-takers need to score at least 70 percent on the test to pass.). The South had the highest failure rate at 41 percent…that’s you Ft. Worth and Dallas. The Midwest had the highest average test scores at 79 percent and the lowest failure rates at 15 percent. Way to go Kansas!

If the numbers from GMAC’s survey are accurate for the entire U.S. population,  roughly 41 million licensed Americans on the road today would not pass a written drivers test exam. That’s 41 million drivers who may not know what a double yellow line means, or worse, what an unprotected left means. Don’t you feel safe on the road now?

Since we’re lumped into the “worst” drivers category, let’s see if we can prove them wrong. Have a quick crack at the test below.