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A Great way to Improve Gas Mileage in Your New Car

The differences can be extreme

The average driver spends little time considering how an automobile engine works or even how important it is to protect it’s moving parts. They just get into their cars and drive. At the same time, most drivers do consider a vehicle’s fuel economy both when purchasing and driving. Some go to great lengths to find ways of improving gas mileage such as purchasing different exhaust and air intake products, fuel additives, and tires. With the only exception being the vehicle’s transmission, the engine is the most intricate and vital component of that car’s ability to be useful. It is also, often, the most expensive to repair. It’s internal components are subject to extreme heat and friction which wear on these parts over time. They are constantly exposed to temperatures nearing 200 degrees and moving thousands of times per minute. Even with regular servicing and preventative maintenance, the wear on these parts is inevitable and adversely affects an engine’s efficiency over it’s lifespan. It’s the efficiency of an engine which consumers often overlook when considering fuel economy.

Synthetic oil, as compared to traditional petroleum based oils, has a stronger viscosity or stickiness. It also takes longer to break down in extreme temperatures and is less subject to evaporating. Substituting synthetic oils for traditional oils when servicing a vehicle protects these parts better and, in turn, leads to greater engine efficiency. It’s efficiency directly affects the amount of fuel being used or wasted in the combustion process. Therefore, one of the most considerable ways of improving gas mileage is to protect the efficiency of a vehicle’s engine over it’s lifespan with a synthetic lubricant.

With the rising prices of gasoline in our present day economy, a greater portion of the population is in need of finding practical ways to improve gas mileage. Using a synthetic oil for engine lubrication is one significant way a consumer can improve fuel economy and save a substantial amount of money over time. It will also better protect internal engine components longer which will save money in engine repairs and rental cars. It will protect one of the biggest and most important financial investments one can make in today’s society.

Does your New Car Need to Be Handicapped Accessible?

I think this is brilliant!

Now this post is specific in nature, but we all know someone where the simple act of getting in and out of the car isn’t as easy as opening the door, jumping in and speeding away. The modifications to new cars, trucks and vans vary depending on the nature of the disability. For users of wheelchairs and scooters, a method of loading necessary equipment is an essential feature. Smaller minivans tend to have ramps, while full size and conversion vans usually have lifts. These can be located at either the side or rear of the vehicle. Unoccupied lifts raise the chair or scooter by itself for easy stowing. Occupied lifts accommodate those who unable to lift themselves into the vehicle. They allow the passenger to remain in his or her wheelchair and to fit comfortably inside while still leaving room to accommodate additional ambulatory passengers.

Alternatively, provisions can also be made for those wheelchair users who are able to drive themselves. Vans designed with this in mind enable the disabled to navigate his or her wheelchair right up to the driver’s seat and lock it in place. Hand controls can be used operate the gas and brake pedals.

For individuals who retain partial mobility but still may need a little extra help entering and exiting the vehicle, another option is a seat assist. With the pull of a lever the seat spins to face the van door and then extends and tilts for ease of boarding. Similarly, assist steps can be mounted underneath the door to extend and retract as needed.

Additional modifications can include:
• raised ceiling
• lowered floor
• widened entry
• steering wheel hand grips

Just as no two humans are exactly alike, no two disabilities require identical assistance. It is important to consult an experienced and knowledgeable disabled dealer who can help determine your unique needs and guide you through proper installation. In addition, it may be helpful to seek advice and wisdom from fellow disabled persons and experts in related industries.

The necessity for handicapped accessible vehicles is growing and at the same time becoming more advanced. If you have any questions or suggestions, or need help finding the right vehicle for you, please leave a comment or come by and see me.

Increase Your New Car’s Performance Today!

The performance of a new car is always related to the amount of fuel consumed by it. However, a new car’s performance can be increased in certain ways without negatively affecting the gas mileage of a car. Given below are few tips from

Performance chips: Computer chips that operate most new cars these days keep track of how much horsepower and torque can be displaced. Using performance chips or recalibrating the current chip used in a car can help in increasing the torque and horsepower to a great extent.

Cold air Intake: Power of a car engine can be increased if the temperature of the air that enters the car can be reduced. An under the hood modification in the form of cold air intake can help in this. Such an enhancement also beautifies the engine bay by making it colorful and attractive. Such a unit will also make an appealing sound.

Reusable air filters: Throughout the life of most of the cars, about 6 to 12 auto air filters are used without facing any problem, but when not in use most of them end up at the landfills for waste materials. Even though reusable air filters cost thrice as much as normal air filters, they are washable and last much longer than the regular ones. In fact, when you buy a reusable air filter for your car, it is actually the last one you will be ever buying for it. These air filters help you to increase acceleration and horsepower, besides having a very positive impact on the environment.

Performance exhaust systems: Another way to unleash horsepower, trapped up torque, and improve the overall automotive performance is by using “catalyst-back exhaust systems” (cat-back) for cars. Such a system installed in a car reduces exhaust back pressure by using low restriction performance mufflers and large width exhaust pipes while keeping all the important emission parts in their proper place. In addition to better performance, the exhaust system emits awesome sound.

Check out this video for enhanced fuel performance:

Want an expert to help increase your new car’s performance? Call these guys.

Keeping your New Car in Great Shape is Easy!

Well you did it! you finally bought that new car you were threatening to by for almost a year. Now you’ll just have to keep your new car in A1 condition to get the best out of it. Polluted and dirty engine oil, transmission fluid, and anti-freeze are going to cause problems for your car, and remember to check your brake fluid in the coming year. Brake fluid delivers force to various parts of the brake when you step on the pedal, you know it has to be topped up, but how often does it have to be changed?

Brake safety is a subject that I have touched on before in an earlier article and I wonder how many times you think about the fluids in your car. One of the paramount considerations that you must make as a responsible owner of a car, is the constant and consistent maintenance and servicing. I suggest you shop around and find an expert you trust to service and maintain your new car.

Below is more on Brake fluid from

According to specialist mechanics, brake fluid, in the everyday family cars, becomes contaminated in less than two years. Brake fluid absorbs moisture, which works its way through the hydraulic system. Under heavy braking conditions, such as when towing a trailer, driving in a very hilly or mountainous area, the moisture in the overheated fluid vaporizes (boiling point of water is lower than that of brake fluid) and braking efficiency is reduced.

Not only is the fluid vulnerable to vaporizing, it also can freeze. Even under normal automobile driving conditions, this situation can develop if the brake fluid is seriously contaminated. It is necessary for brake fluid to maintain a stable viscosity throughout its operating temperature range. Being too thick or too thin causes impaired braking action. Beyond the vaporization hazard, moisture creates an additional problem for owners of vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking (ABS) systems. Corroded ABS components are very expensive to replace.

While you’re at it, ask  your tech about any other fluids that should be topped off or replaced, such as oil. Oil changes are important. Your mechanic is an oil change and lube expert. There are synthetic oils available, to better protect your engine and enhance your car’s performance, not to mention synthetic oil is resistant to heat and viscosity breakdown.

One of the most common mistakes you can make with your new car is to let things slide when it comes to something as simple as an oil change. Properly scheduled oil changes will help your new car last for many years.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them here or you can always come and see me.

Tips for Vacationing in Your New Car

Thinking about taking “The Family Truckster” on the road? Here are some guidelines to get you and your vehicle geared up for the trip.

* It’s a good idea that, before you hit the road, get your vehicle inspected. A basic inspection is not very expensive and will cover the brakes, tires, suspension, lights, cooling system, and other basic drive train components

* Make sure your tire pressure before you leave on a road trip. Most tires require between 30-32psi.

* Pack an emergency kit with you. A good emergency kit should include a flashlight, a first aid kit, jumper cables, gloves, rope, and power point tire pump.

* Always bring extra water. Although you may be traveling on major roads, you’ll be thankful if you have a flat tire or breakdown miles from the nearest exit.

* Learn how to change a flat tire before you leave! Practice in your driveway a few times before you head out on your trip.

* While on the road, try to take a 15 minute break every 2 hours.

* this is probably the most important tip…Pack plenty of entertainment for children! Travel toys and games can help pass the time.

* Whenever you travel make sure that everyone has proper identification and required documentation.

A road trip can be a fun experience. Follow these tips to make sure it’s a safe and enjoyable journey.

Get your Car a New Suit

Accessorize..accessorize…accessorize. Just because everyone drives a car or truck doesn’t mean they all have to look the same. Take wheels for example. Many custom design and body shops provide the car enthusiast a wide collection of car wheel products. All types, looks, sizes and flair. Generally, wheels convey diverse concepts to different people around the globe. However, they remain one of the most significant discoveries of human civilization; wheels have helped activate dynamic force that is necessary for convenient travel and transport in today’s world. Just imagine what cavemen would think of spinners today?

Choosing the perfect wheels, rims, lights and other parts for your car is very important. Cardinal Rule Number 1: While purchasing these parts for your car, make sure that you do not end up with goods that are stolen, lost, overused or faulty. Usually, wheels easily turn around at ten times per second or 600 times a minute. If you purchase low quality wheels for your car, they will have adverse effects on the overall performance of your vehicles. This decision of yours will most probably destroy the tire of your car at any moment or can cause sever wear and tear on bearing and other vital parts of the vehicle. Therefore, wheel design and construction are important factors to be considered while choosing car tires. Try to better understand the function, design and quality of a wheel before purchasing it.

What about lights? Automobile lights are also available in different types such as headlights, tail-lights, neo undercarriage lights, interior lights that change color…if you want it they make it. These lights can make your vehicle more attractive and also to increase its exterior styling. Many suppliers that provide vehicle wheels, rims, lights, and other parts are also equipped with different types of new car and truck lights, car lighting, headlights and taillights, turn signals, fog lights and replacement lights.

Many suppliers will help you in this matter by giving you top class technical support &  assistance, along with great product offerings and clarifications that are necessary to ensure a long life and consistence performance of your vehicle and it’s mods.

Protecting Your New Car from Water Damage

You can still remember your famous last words, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t look that deep.” If you can feel the water splashing under the undercarriage it’s too deep. The next thing you notice is water on your floorboard. Not good. Water that gets left inside your car doesn’t just evaporate without causing damage first.

1. Check carpets and upholstery. Check also door and trim panels for dampness. If they are wet, then your used car will need professional attention. Simply air-drying the carpet is not enough; you will be soon notice that mildew and nasty odors will have come out.

2. Check seat brackets, motor, and modules. Be sure they’re free of rust and properly operating.

3. Pull the engine oil and transmission fluid dipsticks and differential plug. If the fluid appears milky or diluted, is no longer its original color, or is light brown in color, then it is likely the pans contain water. Have your car repaired immediately. Driving the car with water present may damage the internal parts and require extensive overhaul or car repairs.

4. Check the air filter for water. If it is wet, replace the air filter and change the oil.

5. Check the undercarriage, bumpers, radiator area, and frame for mud, grass, dirt, debris, and rust. If any of these are present, have your used car washed and cleaned as soon as possible. Any mechanical repairs can be checked out by your trusted mechanic and get your new car back to its perfect condition.

6. Have the brake system checked by a professional. Water-logged brake systems are especially dangerous on slippery roads.

7. Check the exterior lights for moisture and water. Replace headlights and bulbs that contain water.

8. Finally, listen for abnormal noises while the engine is running. Make a note of where the noise is coming from and take the vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. Pay particular attention to the alternator, serpentine belt, starter, power steering unit, air conditioner, and wheel bearings. Check the suspension joints and lubricate as necessary. Many used car models are lubricated at the factory for life; however, these joints should be checked for rust as well.

By being “car care aware” and following these simple guidelines can help minimize potential damage to your new or used car. If you’d like a professional opinion on the matter, you know where to find me.

How Do New Car Warranties Work?

If you have been considering purchasing an automobile extended warranty for your new car or truck, there are some important things that you should know. If you are like most people you have spent quite a bit of money to purchase your a new or used car, and you may want to consider a automobile extended warranty to protect your investment.

When shopping for an automobile extended warranty, it’s important to have a full understanding how each warranty program works. While many warranty programs offer the same basic features, on closer examination you will find that the plans offered by each provider have significant differences.

One important thing to consider when purchasing any type of auto warranty plan, make ensure to select an automobile extended warranty program that not only covers unexpected mechanical breakdowns, but wear and tear as well. If you own an automobile extended warranty and your vehicle breaks down or needs repair, you will simply take your vehicle to an approved service center that accepts the warranty. They will repair your vehicle and file a claim with the warranty provider. Before taking your car to the garage, it is important to remember that many automobile extended warranty plans require you to pay a deductible.

By purchasing an automobile extended warranty from a reputable company, you can guarantee that your auto warranty will be accepted at more repair facilities around the country. Your warranty provider can provide you with a list of locations where you can take your vehicle repaired in the event of a breakdown. Some plans will even pay the cost of having your vehicle towed if cannot be driven.

It’s essential that you fully understand all the terms and conditions of your warranty before signing anything.

There are a number of automobile extended warranty providers in the marketplace. Your options include brick and mortar providers, or you can purchase your warranty online! If you have questions about the plan, there are toll-free numbers you can call where you can speak to a representative, or you can correspond via email.

Ted Approves of the Extended Warranty

As with any major purchase, it is important for anyone seeking an extended warranty for their new car to obtain as much information as possible. Compare different companies and plans to make sure you’re getting the absolute best plan at the best price. Choosing the right plan from the right company can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money!

IF you have any questions or comments, leave them here. Or you can come and see me!

Inexperienced Drivers and their New Cars

While ignorance is often bliss, when it comes to driving a car, ignorance is the passenger you don’t want to ride with.
It is so important for young drivers to get not only the necessary driving experience, but also a good background understanding safety issues, as well as being responsible for maintaining their new car

Young drivers between 16 and 19 are far more likely to be one car accidents than any other age group. Excessive speed, not knowing vehicle limitations and inexperience are the culprits.  Just because you pass your driver’s test doesn’t mean you are a pro behind the wheel just yet. There’s still a lot to learn.

Car Maintenance

Simple basic car maintenance such as checking the tire pressure and making sure that all the bulbs work correctly should be a “no brainer”. The young new car driver needs to get in the habit of checking and changing oil regularly. Knowing how to change a tire or headlight bulb is mandatory.

The Reckless Youth

I remember the days when I thought I was invincible, too. The years when you start gain responsibilities but neglect the rules.  The reckless youth ignores important road rules such as speeding, driving without a valid license, insurance, texting, talking on the phone, horsing around with the passengers, taking unnecessary risks…we’ve all been there.

If you drive a car you must always remember this: You are on your own.

It is important to remember that there are new car drivers and those that just have licenses. Having the freedom to drive is a terrific thing and a major part of growing up. It should be embraced and encouraged as long as it is NOT done at 120mph.

Ok, that’s the end of my rant. I remember how exciting it was when I got my first new car, so enjoy it. I welcome all our young people to share the roads, but do so in such a way that you aren’t a danger to you or the drivers around you.