An Amazing Idea For The Snowbound

Now this might not be something we need here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as we don’t get very much snow at all. In fact, being almost summer now, this might seem like an oddly timed post. However, the advancement of modern automotive technology is always inspiring to  all of us at Freeman Grapevine. Besides, who knows, this awesome new invention might become available in the future and you can say you saw it here first.

Introducing the Track N Go by AD Boivin. Source

This creative solution for foul-weather-mastery comes from AD Boivin, a company better known for marketing products for powersports vehicles like motocross bikes and snowmobiles. The company says that this is the world’s first wheel-driven track system, and judging by the video available after the jump, it appears quite capable when fitted to what looks like stock GMC Sierra 4×4 pickups blasting through the snow.

Now there is no word on when, or even if the Track N Go will be released for the general consumer public to enjoy, but if it does, you know that this type of advancement will be welcomed by those where large amounts of snow can be an issue. For those of use here in Texas, unless we own a place in Colorado, we’ll probably never have a use for the Track N Go. However, knowing that it exists is cool enough. It’s like they looked into my childhood imagination and came up with an extremely useful tool that can virtually eliminate being stranded by snow.

Have you come across any other interesting automotive inventions? I think I saw an article about a new flying car that I have to read. Of course, Freeman Grapevine never knows what we’ll see next on our lot…a boat/car? That would come in really handy on Lake Grapevine.