timing belt, weakest link

Do you know what the weakest link in your Car is?

timing belt

That’s right, your car could have weak link. Now, you may not know anything about your new car other than the color and how to position the mirrors, so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that…


Too Extreme? Well, maybe if your engine has less than 100,000 miles on it. However, the mere mention of its name should fill you with spine tingling fear. Why? A worn timing belt will quickly deteriorate into a BROKEN timing belt which could then result in catastrophic engine damage. Of course, if you don’t mind being a full time pedestrian, then you can keep thinking that belts are just for holding your pants up and continue on to the next post.

Timing belt service is not inexpensive and trying to save money going for the lowest bidder can be a prelude to disaster. I suggest using top quality parts, done by a mechanic that knows your type of vehicle. They will know if there are common faults that prevent the service from lasting through another full service cycle. Hmmmm, I wonder where you can find such a mechanic (Hint: Freeman Grapevine).

SPOILER ALERT!Typically, thousands upon thousands of dollars in damage is done when a timing belt fails. Many times the engine is destroyed.

Don’t believe me? Watch this!


Even though your car is new, remember, the weakest link is the one that takes the rest with it. That’s just one of the reasons you follow the manufacturers recommended mileage intervals for timing belt replacement, so an experienced mechanic can inspect the timing components to ensure they ALL can keep on driving with confidence.

How much does Timing belt service cost? While the cost for timing belt service has a wide range depending on model and components required. The basic timing belt service on most four cylinder vehicles starts at around $300.00.

Be sure to read your owner’s manual for your actual mileage to have your timing belt looked at.

Does anyone have any timing belt horror stories?