Aw Man! My New Car’s Windshield has a Ding in it!

Don’t let it ruin your view!

Face it folks, it’s gonna happen. Your new car’s windshield is going to be smacked with something that will turn that pristine windshield into a blemished, annoying problem. Now before you blow a gasket, a ding…even a crack is something that can be fixed relatively easily. Two ways, you can run by your favorite auto parts store or you can call a professional

Even if your windshield cracks, it doesn’t mean that it is going to fall out as you drive. Windshields are really a high-strength mix of tempered safety glass and clear plastic. The plastic is sandwiched between two layers of glass. This means that your crack would need to break through three layers in order to have your windshield actually fall out—a very unlikely scenario…well, maybe not in Dallas.

Here’s a “Do it Yourself Video”:

If you need help with your windshield you can always give us a call…even better, leave me a comment!